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All You Need to Know About Dog Crates and Cages

Dogs that live in the yard need a shelter to help them grow and develop as harmoniously as possible. In such situations, Dog Crates are a good option for them. Every dog likes a breath of fresh air and a little sun, but it is not always a good idea unless you ensure optimal living conditions outside. All dogs love staying outdoors, such as a house where to live in is the perfect idea for them so that they can live in a healthy and well-conditioned space. Warm in winter and cool in summer and of course dry all the time, choosing the right Dog Cages can be a real challenge.

Can all Dogs Sleep Outside in Dog Cages?

Some dogs can sleep outside if they are provided with the necessary insulation for the cold, a shady and cool place for hot summer days, water available non-stop, and a suitable amount of food. Not all dogs can physically withstand sleeping outside.

Whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or winter, you must know that thermal insulation is an important factor for Dog Cages. Thermal insulation means that no matter the season the dog house will have an optimal temperature so dogs can bear different kinds of temperatures.

What Breeds of Dogs can Sleep Outside?

Depending on the climate of the area, certain breeds of dogs can sleep outside in Dog Crates without any problems. Dogs with thick fur such as Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Tibetan Mastiffs, and Saint Bernard can live outside if the temperature is not particularly high and they have a suitable shelter . On the other hand, breeds such as Chihuahua, Maltese, and Yorkshire Terrier are not suitable for sleeping in low temperatures and cannot physically withstand difficult weather conditions.

How do You Choose the Desired Dog Crates?

Most of the time, when choosing Dog Crates for your dogs, owners only take into account the weight of their friend, but it is very important to make some measurements of the dog.

Some breeds are tall but not very heavy compared to other breeds, a good example would be Doberman or Greyhound, so in their case height is as important as weight. Ideally, the interior dimensions should be large enough to allow the dog to enter, turn and sit comfortably. As a general practice, it is recommended that the size of the house be 20-30% larger than the size of your dog.

The Material Cages are Made

Wooden Dog Cages have traditional look, will keep the interior warmer, is more durable in various weather conditions, and provides ventilation with no moisture inside. It will be more difficult for the pet to damage a wooden cage, but this material is more prone to ticks and fleas, requiring special treatment for these problems. Wooden crates are an elegant way to give your pet its own space in your home, making it more visually appealing. Some companies even use the sound-reducing properties of wood to create crates to help anxious puppies.

Another material used is plastic, which will clean and disinfect faster, reducing the risk of illness and unpleasant odors. Plastic cages have many advantages: they are strong, durable and hygienic. Your dog will be able to feel comfortable in any season. At the same time, plastic Dog Cages are lighter, but the material is not environmentally friendly, less durable than wood and the color will fade over time.

There are also metal Dog Crates (aluminum or steel) that can be used for transport or as a shelter, but generally do not have adequate thermal insulation. When used properly, cages are beneficial and soothing. Also, the metal cage can be extremely useful in training dogs indoors, to teach them to control their bladder, and also the aggressive behavior they can have when they are alone at home. Although a metal cage can be used to transport dogs of any size, it is recommended for transporting large or giant dogs. Unlike plastic cages, metal cages can be easily stored due to their folding characteristics.

Choosing an Air Transport Cage

Choosing air transport Dog Cages, correlated with the size and body dimensions of the dog, is an essential step in ensuring comfort and a flight in conditions of maximum safety. It is also the factor that can make the difference between being accepted or not on board, accompanied by your pet.

The interior of the conveyor must allow the animal:

1.      To stand without touching the ceiling of the cage with his head.

2.      To rotate freely

3.      To sit comfortably, in a natural position, relaxed on the floor.

With the help of calculation formulas, based on the body dimensions specific, it will be decided if your dog is going to travel by plane. Note that not all airlines accept animals on board. Therefore, the first step in choosing Dog Crates according to IATA, optimal for air transport of your dog, is the most accurate measurement of its body size.

Choosing the optimal air transport cage for your dog must follow certain rules that comply with IATA regulations: to be made of high-quality materials, and the access doors to be made of resistant metal bars, provided with secure locking systems.

It's hard to find a dog that won't like being outdoors the majority of the time. Some of them even prefer sleeping outdoors. When wolves and wild dogs are born, they live in burrow-type shelters to protect them from the dangers of the outside environment, and dogs need such a protective space. Whether used only during the day or at night, Dog Crates of the right size and with good thermal insulation, the pet will feel comfortable and safe, while being protected from adverse weather conditions (rain, cold, snow, sun, wind, etc.).

There are many reasons to buy a cage for your dog, the most obvious being for training at home. Home training can be a frustrating process at the best of times, so why not make it a little easier and use Dog Cages? It works because dogs and puppies don't like to defecate near where they sleep or eat. The cage reduces the amount of space the dog has in a comfortable sleeping area; this small space encourages dogs to wait until they can reach a more suitable place.


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