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The Importance of Providing Your Pet Bird With Bird Toys

Pet bird owners tend to create a strong bond with their feathered flying animals. Despite this happening pet birds require having bird cages available for the moments when the owner is not around to keep a close eye on them not to destroy their home. It is known that birds get easily bored especially when left alone and that they have a destructive way of dealing with this feeling. This is why bird cages are important and provide bird toys to keep them busy as well. There are certain aspects to consider when having a pet bird.

Social Behavior

Most birds being prey animals have a tendency of being more alert around new people or environments. However, hand-raised birds by humans are known to create a stronger bond with their owners and even imprint on them. Their energy levels will not decrease in captivity though. It is important to give them a certain socializing time with you on a daily basis due to this characteristic of imprinting on its owner. The bird will want to follow you everywhere and be with you at every step you take. Most birds see their owners as part of their flocks. While some do better out of their cage, bird cages have shown to be extremely useful for the breeds that require to benefit from nesting in safe places.

Providing Bird Toys

When you put your bird in bird cages it is important to also give it the opportunity to have some entertainment. If it is not sleeping time the bird will remain active while being caged. Providing some toys will help keep the animal busy and not get sad. Studies have shown that when feeling lonely and not having the possibility to entertain themselves birds get sad. If you do not want to get your pet a companion like another bird to keep company, you can invest in some different toys. Birds love flying but some are not able to. It has been proven that swings can help them get a similar feeling to flying.Bird toys are normally used to stimulate and refocus a bird's instincts such as foraging, preening, and even chewing. They help improve the overall well-being state and also health.

Variety of Bird Toys

Decorating bird cages is a process similar to decorating a child's room. It has to include a sleeping place, a feeding area, and a playground. A great variety of toys for birds include ladders, climbing toys, foraging and even chewing toys. The foraging category helps your bird stimulate its mind while the others help improve their bodies through exercise. While there are toys created depending on the birds' size they also come in different shapes and are made out of different materials. Here is a list of categories for toys:

·         Foraging boxes, drawers, wheels, windmills, seesaw, space circles, spheres, carousels, and buffet balls.

·         Natural materials such as wood. Ladders made of branches, hideouts of dried leaves, coconut bombs, wooden swings, and others.

·         Plastic and acrylic materials are used in manufacturing any type of bird toy.

·         Metal

·         Fabrics made hideouts and ladders

·         Ropes

·         Concrete toys have proven to be the most resistant to their chewing behavior tendencies.

Bird Cage        

Depending on how large the type of breed your bird is and how much space it needs to live a beautiful life in captivity you can choose the size of its cage. It has to have plenty of space for it to move around and for you to place some toys in. Some birds need different types of food so you need to make sure you have space to place more than one bowl of food. You can also add them a snack that includes stainless steel mix of fruit spears along with their diet plan. To avoid the animal damaging their bird cages through the attempt of chewing on the steel bars you can add a natural chewing toy so the bird is allowed to exhibit an instinct it was born with but in a more controlled manner than destroying its habitat or even your things when left free.

Price Range

Depending on the breed of your bird and its size it requires certain items. From larger crates no matter the breed to differently sized toys and food bowls. Their prices range also depending on the quality of the products. You can find toys as cheap as 10 dollars but the price can go up to 100 dollars or even higher for more sophisticated items. You should first check to see what your bird likes and requires in order to live a nice life provided by you.


In conclusion, why it is important to provide your pet bird toys there is a list of aspects that defines this importance. From the fact that birds are very curious and active animals, with a tendency to destroy things around them, especially when left alone and bored, spending most of their time foraging for food to improving their mental health that tends to deteriorate when these born instinctive behaviors are not allowed to be exhibited. Many bird owners have stated that after investing in various types of toys for their pets, their behavioral problems have been considerably reduced or vanished entirely. Even if the bird does not present any signs of behavioral rebellion to exhibit its instincts providing them with some toys helps maintain their health and improves their general mood on a daily basis.

If you teach yourself to treat your bird like you treat a child, showering them with affection, attention, high-quality food, and toys their life will turn out to be amazing and even longer than its average expectancy. Simply go do research online and find the best products to fulfill your feathered pets' needs and help to improve their quality of life while making yours much better keeping the best company.

Publication: 13/05/2022 13:11

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