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A Furniture Savior – The Cat Scratcher

A decision is not yet clear regarding whether dogs or cats are the most beloved pets worldwide, it is undoubtedly a tie, but either way, they both conquer daily millions of sofas in the homes of caring people. While treating pets like children with so much love, attention, and respect, everyone lets them roam freely through their homes. When it comes to the training process, dogs have proven to be more receptive and focused on their owner's commands, resulting in easier training, whereas, with cats, things are much more complicated. Cats are often independent and less obedient than dogs, and they are used to doing whatever they want when they want – mostly at 4 am. Like one coated and long-furred dogs need getting a trim with the dog clippers, cats need a special place in your home to peacefully allow their instincts to go wild, like a cat scratcher.

Why Does a Cat Scratch?

This scratching behavior may be unusual for other animals, but it comes naturally due to their instincts for cats. It represents a healthy behavior that, besides sharpening their claws, helps reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Most felines do it on purpose to stretch their legs and mark their territory. Animals sweat through their paws, and they release specific hormones while sweating. Leaving these hormones on various surfaces is considered to limit their own space. Their favorite place to perform this action is commonly chosen on the side of sofas and carpets. To avoid having your furniture left with scratch marks or your carpet with its fabric pulled out, you can invest in a cat scratcher post. You can save your furniture by repainting it or your carpets by using dog clippers to trim them. To avoid such problems reappearing, it is best if you provide your feline with a safe place to freely exhibit her behavior.

The Cat Scratcher

The cat scratching post is an item that has changed the lives of many cats and their owners. Providing a special place for your pet to exhibit instincts that cannot be controlled is necessary, and it helps both you as owner and the pet. Without stressing that different items around your home may get destroyed due to this typical cat behavior, you will feel much better, and your cat will be able to do what she loves without fearing a quarrel with you.

As its name implies, a cat scratcher is a special place for your felines to stretch and scratch. There are a lot of shapes and sizes currently available on the market, but the most important aspect to take into consideration when choosing the proper tool for your felines is the height and the material used for the scratching surface. A preferred material is sisal rope, abrasive, for your cat to actually feel she is sharpening her claws.

Finding The Best Location In Your Home

Your feline has already told you where she likes to scratch, so try to buy or make yourself a scratch post properly fitting in that place. Cats are way more stubborn than dogs when it comes to obedience and training, so changing her favorite scratching spot can be tricky. It is not impossible to place this item in another location, but bear in mind not to put it far away from her usual route. It has to be found in a high-traffic area in your place so she will feel confident and comfortable using it.
The most well-reviewed and used are the vertical scratching posts. Cats have been shown to love it and use it to stretch their muscles, and it is easier for them to enjoy exhibiting this instinct  in an upright position.

Fixing Your Furniture – Multi-use Dog Clippers

After buying this furniture savior item, you should fix the areas damaged by your cat's wild behavior. Until your feline gets accustomed to the new routine, it is advised to repair or make it less accessible for her to return to her old habits. The corners of your sofa are the hardest to be fixed. You can temporarily stick some duct tape on the area your cat has done the most damage. Duct tape is quite a repellent for cats, and they are mostly scared by the feeling of sticky and slippery materials. You should also temporarily remove your carpets until she is no longer attracted to sink her claws in them. Before putting the mats away, you can use some dog clippers  to remove the excess pulled-out fabrics. Dog clippers are sharper, and they can perfectly cut the fabric.

Necessary Pet Items

No matter your pet, you must be aware that you have to provide them with other necessary items to have a good and happy life besides food and treats. Having these items can make your life so much easier as well. Like single-coated long fur dogs need to get their coat trimmed with dog clippers, cats need this scratching post. Besides helping felines relieve stress and lower anxiety levels, it is also helping keep claw infections away. While sharpening their nails, they also clean them from debris accumulated between the nail layers.

When getting a pet, please make a list of necessary items you may need for them to live a joyful life, from food bowls to treats, toys, sleeping beds, and interactive objects, including a scratcher for cats.

Cat Supplies – Order Online

When it comes to picking the correct item, it is always best to search online. You have plenty of options to choose from, and merchants provide the information you need to make the best decision. Measure the spot available for placing the item and start browsing. You can find various models at different prices. From the most accessible to a more expensive cat scratcher, depending on its size and materials used in the fabrication process. Some are bigger and include beds or tiny houses for your feline to get some rest. They might be a little pricier, but the investment will be worth it when you see how much your pet will love them.

Publication: 12/06/2022 11:25

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