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Dear Chessfriends,
Sometime a go I met someone who had not played chess since a long time.
I asked hime why he did not play chess since a long time he replied hat he was anxious
and not willing to lose games.
This remineded me of an experience with a shy person who did not want to have a child
with the scare of losing him in an accident or due to some other reason.
Unfortunately there is no solution to avoid death.
Sooner or later we can not avoid death.No human is immortal.
It is not possible to have a Son or a Daughter if You are so scared of
death.With this mentality we would never become a father.
There will not be an increase in population and sometime later the
human race will disapper totally.
Best Regards
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Dear Chessfriends
When I first learned to play chess I thpught it is an easy task
to beat my opponents.
After sometime I understood that it was not that easy.All my opponents were
playing a good level of chess and I felt rather ignorant not being able to
win games.For every move there was a reply even many replies which were all
logical.After gaining some experience, I started to play to victory more games and
better results.I understood that experience is very important specially evaluating
poisitions which led to victory.In German there is a saying "Uebung macht der meister"meaning practicing makes a meister.So it went on further as this proverb
was proved that nobody becomes a master without any practice.
Good Luck and Better Results
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Dear Chessfriends
Many Years a go when I was attending a primary school during summer vacation
which was almost four months my father was sending to the shops of friends so that I won't fool around but have some life experience for guidance in the future.
At the beginning I did not like this as my schoolmates were fooling around and I was
lack of amusement.So went the years and after I grew up I understood the value of this
mentality.The school life is not the only means of understanding life and gaining
experience to be useful in the future.The experience I gained was a good means
to understand life and learn and have an idea about commercial life. which is a much longer period to get an idea what is going on after school.
Regards to All
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Dear Chessfriends,
When I was a student and learning English we were open to wise sentences in English.
In every language there are wise sentences which are similar to other wise sentences in
mother language.What I can not forget is the following in English:
"You Can not tell a book from it's cover"
This is very true.
Not only Books are involved but the clothing/dressing of a person no Matter He or She.
Some people maybe poor dressed but the wealth of their noblelty is very important.
They may be well cultured and educated however may lose their wealth are or can be financially in poor appearance.This does not effect their culture or education on the contrary to their appearance their fate may have led them to poverty because of
unlucky experiences. A Person May lose his wealth but his culture remains as it is
maybe even more experience will lead them to a higher level of standard.
Do not underestimate such people it is very rude.
Best Regards
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Dear Chessfriends,
I played correspondence chess for some years the first year I scored 8 Wins in 8 Games
and as per the classifacation I was the second best player with equal points with the winner just because of the opponents with lower rating.
the second year again I played 8 games which were considered in the classification according to the tournament rules.During this year I played a game against the winner
of the tournament of pervious year.My Opponent was an expert in Sokolsky's opening or Orang Utan Opening named after the special opening.Like similar games in the History of Chess I was searching and after games played by Black in this special opening.
As A Matter of Luck I was successful and found a sample game played in a Corresondence
Game where Black found a very strong move thus winning the game brillantly.
Luckily I was the one playing with Black Pieces therefore I had the chance of using the same tactic against White.My Opponent was rather lazy in moving and we reached the position of the sample game.In spite of several reminders I did not receive a reply to my several reminders. I had to direct a complaint to the tournament director and all of a suıdden I received a reply with bad manners and rude hand gesture.
In reply I played the shocking move as per the sample game and my Opponent after sometime informed his resignation through another chessfriend in the tournament.
I am sorry for the long story.
What I want to mention is Either Lose or Win Politely and like a Real Sportsman.
Never being Rude
It is easy to be Rude but much easier is to be a Gentleman.
Regards to All
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Arman Sabciyan
Hello Dear Chessfriends,
Years a go an American Chessmaster( I do no want to mention his name for the sake of accuracy) prepared a special variation to be used against Jose Raul Capablanca and studied the variation for many years and kept it as a secret weapon.
Years later he had the chance of playing a game against Jose Raul Capablanca he was so sure about a win and the accuracy of the variation and being convinced of a win started to play but he lost the game unexpectedly as Jose Raul Capablanca found the solutıon of the variation in a short time like 15 minutes.
This reminds me of the saying " Chess is a big game no matter How Good You are there
is always someone better.
Regards to All
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Arman Sabciyan
Hello Dear Friends,
Sometime a go a chessmaster was asked about making
The possibility of errors in chess.
The reply was errors are human and one should try
To avoid them.
If someone is committing the same error again and
Again he must be very careful and maybe need more time for thinking and give a rest for sometime.
Healthy head/brain
is connected with healthy body
İt is recommendable that he Visits ,a MD and try to learn the reason which may physical.
Good Luck and healthy days
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Arman Sabciyan
Dear Chessplayers
Once a grandmaster was asked what would be the
Most recommendable number of move depth in a game of chess.He simply replied "One move would
be enough"
İt may,seem ironic in the beginning however if You
Think seriouslly it is very logical..
Have You ever thought the number of games You
Lost due to oversight when winning was just a step
Away but You were looking for a combination
And the non existent combination was preparing
Your end. BE SIMPLE
Good Luck
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Arman Sabciyan
Dear Chessfriends
The othe dsy I lost a chessgame against a weak player
This reminded me .of an old saying.
Chess is a big game no matter,how good You are
There is always,someone better
No matter how bad You are there is,always someone
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Arman Sabciyan
Unfortunately in spite of checking dictating errors
The system insists making mistakes .I am sorry.
Minaresi should read as 20 minutes.
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