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I hope all members interested in chess do follow my recommendations.
Even myself discover new publications at the end of every new visit .
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To those of You who are interested in ches and not yet checked the valuable chess books
must immediately start searching the books of their like .
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Do not hesitate to sign in and download valuable chess books.This is a good chance to own valuable publications which You can hardly buy.
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I am always enthusiastic to sign in to discover new books.
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The Free Chess Books Collection is still the best available and no other collection can
I like - Comment - Share - Permalink - 5 May 18:11 - Public
Eversince I discovered e-nautia thus able to download chess books of high quality
I always find something useful and helpful increasing my knowledge.
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The efficiently selected Chess Books are very helpful and of great value to all levels of chess players.
I highly recommend every chess player to visit this valuable site compiled by
Prof. Erich Gonzalez
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