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Arman Sabciyan
Dear Chessfriends,
When I was a student and learning English we were open to wise sentences in English.
In every language there are wise sentences which are similar to other wise sentences in
mother language.What I can not forget is the following in English:
"You Can not tell a book from it's cover"
This is very true.
Not only Books are involved but the clothing/dressing of a person no Matter He or She.
Some people maybe poor dressed but the wealth of their noblelty is very important.
They may be well cultured and educated however may lose their wealth are or can be financially in poor appearance.This does not effect their culture or education on the contrary to their appearance their fate may have led them to poverty because of
unlucky experiences. A Person May lose his wealth but his culture remains as it is
maybe even more experience will lead them to a higher level of standard.
Do not underestimate such people it is very rude.
Best Regards
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