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Ardbeg - We are located in Hong Kong and are looking forward to serve you. Please do get in touch. You can interact with us by phone, email or on our Facebook page here.
Amontillado - SherryHongKong was started by people who love things that taste great, especially drinks. These include great tea, coffee, wine, whisky and, of course, Sherry.
Canvas shop - Sacred Geometry Shop is to embed sacred geometry art, frequencies and equations into all conventional products in order to raise the vibration of every aspect of an individual’s life.
Carpet cleaning and repair service Hong Kong - Iqbal Carpets has been providing carpets and rugs services in Hong Kong since 1990. We are among the leading oriental rug cleaners in Hong Kong. We provide hand made Pakistani, Persian, Afghani carpets and rugs.
Bed sale - We are a New Zealand bed and mattress manufacturer and importer committed to doing things better – better processes and better methods of production. This enables us to offer luxurious beds at very affordable prices.
Wine gifts - By discovering cooking as a form of meditation, this lifelong foodie has  finally found her purpose in sharing her personal recipes. Visit here to  know more.
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