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Reduce belly fat in women by eating avocado every day

Daily avocado consumption can change fat distribution, leading to deeper loss of visceral belly fat that's been linked to a higher risk of disease, a new study suggests.

Excess belly fat is especially harmful. Belly fat, or belly fat, is known to increase the risk of several diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. There are two types of belly fat: Subcutaneous fat (fat that accumulates just under the skin) and Visceral fat (fat that accumulates deeper in the abdomen and surrounds the internal organs). Abdominal fat is largely visceral, and people with a higher percentage of this type of fat have a higher risk of diabetes. Now the question is: What can you do to lose that hard-to-target visceral belly fat and achieve a healthier body? According to a new study, eating an avocado a day may be helpful.

The study by researchers from the University of Florida and colleagues found that women who consumed one avocado per day as part of their meals experienced a decrease in visceral belly fat as well as a reduction in the incidence of obesity. visceral fat versus subcutaneous fat, indicating a redistribution of fat away from organs. However, daily avocado consumption did not change fat distribution in men.

Losing weight the easy way requires eating fewer calories than you burn all day.
If you are on a diet and want to lose a few pounds, avocado can absolutely be included in your diet. Avocados are low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals, hence being called a nutritional booster.
Since butter is a hunger crusher, it reduces the desire to eat food for hours leading to weight loss.
Butter with monounsaturated fat is considered good for the heart. And because high fiber helps you feel satisfied and full for longer.
Avocado is perfect apart from having it with regular salads. Avocado oil can also be used to reduce belly fat. Source:

Benefits of consuming avocado daily

As part of a randomized controlled trial, 105 overweight and obese adults were offered one meal per day for 12 weeks. The participants were divided into two groups. While one group was offered meals that incorporated a fresh avocado, the other group's meal had roughly the same ingredients and similar calories but didn't contain butter. The participants' belly fat and their glucose tolerance, a measure of metabolism and a marker of diabetes, were measured at the beginning and end of 12 weeks.

Female participants who consumed avocados as part of their daily meals experienced a reduction in deeper visceral fat in the abdominal area. However, the distribution of fat in the male participants was unchanged. The researchers also found no improvement in glucose tolerance in either the women or the men.

What the researchers learned from these results was that "a diet that includes one avocado per day affects how individuals store body fat in a way that is beneficial to their health." , but the benefit was mainly in women."

"It is important to demonstrate that dietary interventions can modulate fat distribution. Learning that benefits are evident only in women tells us a little bit about the sex potential that plays. a role in dietary intervention responses," Khan said.

The researchers hope to do a follow-up study to understand the full impact of avocados on body fat and health.
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