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Best Sex Positions to Try on Sex Dolls
We've done our best to provide you with some of the easiest positions to lie on your back - due to COVID-19, we're not getting enough exercise right now, which is causing many people to sit for long periods of time - relax those backs!

Does anyone know the Cowgirl pose? Cowgirls are probably the most difficult, sometimes requiring double joints or enhanced bones - unfortunately not all realistic sex dolls are created equal in the skeleton department! We always recommend that you plan to take pictures or make more advanced pretzel-like Kama Sutras for optimal bone tolerance. The option of a standing tripod can also help you gain more position.

"Cowgirl is a pose I really like. You can do so many things with it.

There are 4 basic leg positions to keep it interesting.
(1) I can sit with my legs outstretched. (his) armpits. My feet became my fulcrum for rocking up and down.
(2) I can bend my knees and squat. Now my knee is the fulcrum, which is a very different feeling.
(3) I can bend my knees more and get into the traditional cowgirl pose. I can lean forward and put my arms on his chest. In this position, he can enter my body freely.
(4) Eventually I can move (him) to (him) lie down completely and tie my legs tightly together.
Publication: 26/04/2022 02:43

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