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Sexual poses of several different sex dolls
1. Vaginal sex
Now let's talk about the highlight of the whole experience: vaginal sex! You see, engineers pay the most attention to the vagina to make sure it's as flawless as a woman. It's anatomically accurate so you can penetrate it blindfolded.

The stable skeleton of the realistic sex dolls also ensures that you can place them anywhere. Just put her on the bed and fell down.

Remember: Creampie on her is completely safe for you!

2. Anal sex
People are different, some people prefer anal sex than others. Unfortunately, not all partners are ready to go the anal route, much to the disappointment and frustration of many.

You don't have to be disappointed anymore! Big Booty Masturbator offer you an ideal option for all your sexual needs. The anal opening is unique and tighter to ensure you get the most out of your experience. It is lined with different grooves and bumps to enhance the experience.

Insert your sex doll from behind and enjoy different sex positions. Certain positions, such as doggy pose, allow you to easily penetrate the anus and get a clear view of the buttocks as you bang her.

Remember: Get a water-based lube and apply to aid penetration.

3. Blowjob
Depending on the type of love doll you choose, she may or may not have dentures. In fact, most models have tongues and deep throats to enhance the experience.

While you certainly don't want your partner to suck, with a little lubrication and warmth in her mouth, she can be a blowjob queen in seconds!

As it moves back and forth, the tongue and teeth stimulate your penis, creating incredible sensations. Plus, you can turn heads to guide them through the experience.

While she may not be able to stimulate you to suck out of someone's mouth, you don't have to worry about the gag reflex. With just a quick warm-up and some good water-based lube, you'll be well on your way, and your penis will have a wonderful afternoon massage.

4. If your love doll has a penis…

When it comes to sex, shemales and male dolls give you more options.

The addition of hard cocks makes these shemale sex dolls dynamic and flexible as you can use them for sex. This is especially important if you and your partner have a sex doll, which you can also use for immersive penetration.

For men or shemales or male dolls, you can use your penis for anal or vaginal sex. Move your body back and forth at the desired rhythm according to your position. You can also place the doll so you just push it back and forth with your hands.
Publication: 26/04/2022 03:05

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