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What Delightful Techniques to Try with a Big Dildo
Deep Penetration - If you're happy with these huge dildo, take a step forward and risk a deeper penetration. This covers the entire vaginal cavity and provides you with intense stimulation. The experience is even better if you choose a textured, rounded or layered surface. For deep thrusts, you want a toy that has a firmer grip and doesn't bend. An unusually soft huge dildo may not provide the pleasure you are looking for.

Superficial Stroke - Many people don't know that most of the nerve endings are located in the front half of the vaginal opening. So don't think that only deep penetration will satisfy your core. The short, shallow strokes are also a miracle. And, it also becomes easier on your hands. You may not choose to penetrate the entire 15 inches of the cavity; you can also stick to 4 inches.

Move it back and forth - this doesn't necessarily mean you can perform any other function with a straight long dildo. Shake it and move it back and forth at such an angle that its head puts pressure on the back wall of the vagina. Lie on the bed and start inserting it into the cavity at an oblique angle. Works best when choosing a curved structure. You can have clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.

Keep turning - by now, your vagina has gotten used to the odd size. Turn it around for added excitement. Just plugging it in and out won't give you all the joy.
Rubbing G-spot - Huge dildo fills the entire cavity; therefore, you don't have to find a G-spot. Push it up and to the front wall, where your sweet spot is. Pick up toys made from stronger materials, like wood, metal, and glass, with curved ends designed specifically for G-spot massage.

Keep feeling - don't stop rubbing your clitoris. This will increase your awakening and make you beg for more.

Keep things comfortable - if you're using an oversized dildo made of steel or glass, you may feel cold in there when inserted. To make sex comfortable, warm it up and bring it to a normal temperature. Just put it in a bowl of warm water and enjoy the show. However, you can recharge yourself by placing icy giant dildos on your breasts, nipples, guts and other parts.
Try Anal - If you're craving some serious stimulation, try anal. Before placing it on the rectum, wash your toy and make sure to add an extra layer of lubricant to the area.
Huge dildos and anal toys may seem intimidating, but they provide the ultimate in fun. Use it in different locations and get a happy ending.
Publication: 26/04/2022 03:28

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