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What is Clown Makeup - Complete Guide
Clowns are not what they used to be. Before your thinking clown was the clown at the circus, a misunderstood character with a wide variety of occupations. Clowns are now known as clown entertainers, magicians, painters, jugglers and hypnotists. The word "clown" itself is derived from the French word "clou de guise" which means "a clown acts silly." A real clown always has to be in good spirits and can rarely be cynical.">Clown Makeup Ideas

A clown is someone who wears a funny face-a mask and costume-and performs art in a cheerful mood all while having little regard for society. Clowns are not just funny; they are sentimental, intelligent and sometimes tender. A clown can be a trickster with his/her magic wand, a jester with his/her funfair, or a clown who loves music and rhythm. The term "clown" was originally coined from the Italian word cluggio (meaning "one whose mouth is sweet"). These days, however, a clown is typically depicted by a jovial, mischievous look on his face, loud, bright costume, and exaggerated hand gestures.

Mimes are clowns who impersonate other people. The word "mime" comes from the Japanese word for to play, and today's modern clowns are mostly Japanese. There are many different kinds of mimes: the fox-goat mime, the fire-eater mime, and the litter of pigs (the mime of "Lil Piggies," also known as the "Piggy Bankers"). A mime will draw on the basis of characteristics of other people he/she imitates, whether physical characteristics, color, or speech pattern. A clown will usually have red hair and wear black pants. Mimes typically perform complicated dances or routines, playing tricks, or performing music.

Many people suffer from a phobia or an extreme form of social anxiety disorder, which often prevents them from being able to visit a public place. This is why, among the older generation, most people think of clowns as frightening. Clowns, like other phobias or anxieties, have been shown to have a genetic component. If one or both parents or grandparents had a severe clown phobia, you are more likely to have a fear of clowns as well. But that doesn't mean that if you have a friend or family member with a clown phobia, that you have a genetic predisposition toward it as well.

Clowns are famous for their performances, and many clowns are quite skilled in the area of illusion. Magicians tend to focus on only one area of a stage, and clowns can sometimes master complicated, three-dimensional magic. The illusion that most people can recognize is that a clown is either foolish or silly, but when you watch a good clown perform artfully, you'll see that there is more to clowning than silly.

Clowns entertain, and they entertain us at a high level. They are clowns who can't stop being funny. Clowns are able to get a crowd excited without seeming over the top, and they can do so by choosing the right kind of costume and the right kind of act. Whether your concern is what makes a clown fall in love, what makes a clown want to steal your cake, or what makes a clown phobic, you will be able to find answers online.

In addition to their ability to be funny and to entertain, clowns also play an important role when it comes to emergency situations. There are many situations in life where the unexpected has to happen, and clowns can often provide the necessary distraction and entertainment that people need during these times. Think about it: most people wouldn't think twice about helping a clowns job if he was trapped in a burning building. Clowns can provide entertainment for people during times of crisis, and they can offer advice that will keep the injured feeling better while they wait for rescuers to arrive. This is another reason why many people have a fear of clowns - their fear of heights and their desire to maintain their dignity when they feel that their lives or those of others are in danger.

Finally, although many people seem to relate clowns with just performing a funny act, the truth is that the profession of a Clown has much deeper roots than meets the eye. Clowns perform for many of us as ordinary citizens who want nothing more than to get a laugh, to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to have some fun. They can be our friends, our mentors, our role models, and even our role models in other areas - if they choose to use comedy to do it. So the next time you're feeling down and out, remember that there are some very real and funny ways to find humor in your life.
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