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Share files

To share files on your virtual disk, put them in a public folder or shared.
The internauts or your contacts (depending on the sharing level) will find your shared items on your space: URL de forme

Share files in 3 steps

1. Create a new folder by selecting who can access it.
2. Put your files inside.
3. That's it (or share the URL)!

If they follow you, those to whom you have given access to the folder will have information on their home page and from your space.

If you have selected persons who do not have an account, an invitation will be sent to create an account and access to your files securely.

If you selected "Everybody", your folder will be public and everyone can access it without needing an account.

To share a folder via a link without requiring the use of an account, go to the folder settings to make it public and hide it. Thus, the only way to know the existence of the folder will be having the URL. This method of sharing is less secured that using one account for each contact.

Manage your contacts and groups of contacts

To easily select contacts or groups when creating a folder, they must have been added to your contacts.
To manage your contacts, add, or create groups, when you are logged in, click on the penultimate icon in the menu.

Sharing URL

The shared or public folders and files can be viewed or downloaded on your space: URL de forme

For each file or folder, you can retrieve the URL in your virtual disk by using the buttons located below the folders and files.

For a file, there are three URL:
The URL like displays the page about the file and the comments. This page allows you to watch streaming videos.
The URL like PATH displays your file directly. However, some characters like #, ? or & can block the display.
The URL like is the link to download the file directly.

Direct links

Using direct links to your public files without going through an e-nautia page from the outside is available by option.

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