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Forum: Les orphelins de Toutbox et Partageurs - Music creators
16/02/2022 08:05:08Greg Bjorg

Are there any music creators? I really want to get engaged in music more, but I'm worried that it won't be profitable for me at all. Can you tell me about your experience? 
16/02/2022 10:43:49Edward Heavy

Actually, it's not that hard to make money as a musician, so I think you just need to develop your skills and promote yourself on platforms like soundcloud, so you definitely need to try. Of course, you won't make thousands at first, but eventually, you might get more recognition, and it will be easier for you.
08/03/2022 12:31:47Billius Shiph

I listen to tribute groups a lot, actually, but most of them only post their covers on youtube, and that's not really convenient.
08/03/2022 12:37:09Milky Floor

You're right, some tribute bands are indeed pretty talented, but watching their covers on youtube is not convenient at all. That's why I use mp3juice to convert youtube videos to audio files, and that's way better. You can check out this service as well, and its database is going to impress you for sure.
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