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Forum: Les orphelins de Toutbox et Partageurs - The bushmills whiskey distillery
23/08/2022 16:58:26Annette Bordeaux

The bushmills whiskey distillery is located in the centre of the Irish County Mayo community of Bushmills. The Bush River, which flows through the region, gave it its name. On-site bottling of triple-distilled whiskey is done at the distillery. Light fixtures fashioned from barrel staves may be found in the brand-new Pot Still Bar. Learn more about the manufacturing process by taking a tour of the distillery. Try some whiskey today if you’re unsure if it’s right for you!

In Bushmills, not far from the Giant’s Causeway, is the oldest legally operating distillery in Ireland. It began in 1608 when Sir Thomas Phillips was given permission to produce whiskey in the area. According to local lore, a 13th-century Irish general drank whiskey before a fight. The distillery’s current structure was built in 1885, and whiskey production has continued there ever since. Despite its long history, the distillery has faced many challenges, such as the terrible fire of 1985 and US Prohibition.

24/08/2022 11:15:01James Rock

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