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Forum: Les orphelins de Toutbox et Partageurs - Are consignment shops profitable?
14/04/2023 21:54:45Peter Nilson

Are consignment shops profitable? What do you know about it?
14/04/2023 22:04:28Jason Newton

Yes, a consignment store can be highly profitable if it is managed properly. Such stores generally offer buyers the chance to browse and purchase used items at discounted prices, which can help draw in large crowds.
14/04/2023 22:07:02Marry Jane

I think that yes. They are taking some commission and if you want to learn more about - are consignment shops profitable. It will definitely help with all possible solutions and effective ways to run business. Also, this shop  may receive a small percentage from the sales.
26/04/2023 08:24:18Pablito Pascal

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