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28/10/2015 12:49 - Public
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I like - Comment - Share - 14/11/2014 00:37 - Public
Thanks for your message Fernando. Did you create separate folders for us so we can add photos to them? Or are we supposed to view photos that you put in them? When I click on Shirl/Judy, there is nothing there...
I like - Comment - Share - Permalink - 27/07/2014 14:05 - Public
Dear friends,
Complementing my previous email
After go to "disco" menu you have to go to "carpetas publicas-to share"
Then you will find folders for each of you
I like - Comment - Share - Permalink - 18/07/2014 06:17 - Public
Dear friends,
We hope all of you have returned home safely
As commited, I am happy to share with you a selection of our photos
Laura and myself hope you can share with the travel group your own selection
I have organised folders for you at "disco" (disk)menu of this web page
I have not a great knowledge of this site yet, so I suggest you go to then use "fernando.reyes" as user and "choberiver" as password
I am sending this message from Johannesburg airport when returning home
Would you require assistance do not hesitate in contacting me (
Laura & Fernando
I like - Comment - Share - Permalink - 18/07/2014 06:00 - Public
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I like (1) - Comment - Share - 18/07/2014 05:41 - Public
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I like - Comment - Share - 16/07/2014 19:25 - Public
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16/07/2014 14:23 - Public
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