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About e-nautia

e-nautia aims to provide to any internaut an unique place where finding, being able to communicate and exchange any form of information.
The site was created in the summer of 2004. It has its current name since November 16, 2007. The publishing company was founded on January 1, 2009. A new legal form took over on November 16, 2014.

1999, the first steps
It is by grace year 1999, at the time of the RTC modems, that e-boy (the founder of e-nautia) launches its first sites dedicated to the news of the Web. He will stop a year and half later.

2004, the adventure begins
The first version of e-nautia (or more precisely its ancestor) started during the summer of 2004 and had the title of JM Online, a site launched a few years earlier. JM Online is then still a site offering a better Internet experience. In late 2004, e-boy inaugurated the member spaces allowing registration and wishes a more professional way for the site. So the site changed its name with the adoption of a domain for the first time: is born.

2005, the unlimited mail
Early 2005, the turning point is marked with the iiihA services and for the first time mailboxes with an unlimited space and open and encrypted mail ports allowing the use of any client.

2006, the virtual disk becomes e-vista and inaugurates the online virtual disk with unlimited space. From the beginning, the service provides three sharing levels: private, buddy and public.

2007, birth of e-nautia
June 2007, the iiihA mail service knows some failures due to abuse of some users. The site obliged to temporarily restrict space and access to the ports.
On 16 November 2007, the site takes its final name: e-nautia. e-nautia changes hoster, adopts its own machines and implements again the unlimited that it will never quite again. Moreover, the concept of virtual nation-city borns. Each internaut (called e-naut when becoming member) can do its nest on e-nautia by creating his space. At the same time, the virtual bank is inaugurated and its famous currency named first e-credit, and then in 2008 dodo in homage to the disappeared bird. Finally, e-nautia tries the Web 2.0 (which is in fact the same Web, but with an advanced use of the existing languages) with in particular the adding of an instant messenger function (chat).

2008, multimedia
2008 is the multimedia year. The virtual disk is no longer only a platform to store or share files. Everybody can easily create shareable audio and video playlists. New pages on the spaces and new rubrics in the mediatheque are specially created for, with more television and radio. This year, the concept of social network invades the Web. e-nautia uses this opportunity to enrich the profile pages. e-nautia strengthens its antispam and reopen the mail ports for all.

2009, more communicating
e-nautia enables a new feature on the virtual disk to allow the e-nauts to sale audio and video files.
e-nautia launches its SMS services: simple sending, deferred sending, mail alert and calendar alert.
e-nautia opens access to virtual disks by FTP. This required rewriting a large part of the virtual disk codes.
e-nautia becomes the first service to offer free encryption on its mail ports and across the entire site.

2010, greater
In May, e-nautia passes the 100,000 files stored on the virtual disks.
In June, a new application: the notepad allows to quickly write private notes. e-nautia passes in HTML5.
In September, a new application: the file teleporter allows to exchange large files with just an URL.
In October, e-nautia now has over 5,000 e-nauts.

2011, universality and accessibility
On behalf of Web 3.0, e-nautia makes the pages more accessible: no more double-click on the virtual disk (for touchscreens), streaming and upload without flash, new sharing options (for groups of contacts), redesigning of the instant messenger…
New services: Mail Copy (to transfer e-mails from one box to another) and Overall suppression of advertising (paying option)

2012, ergonomics
The search engine expands with new search features.
In March, e-nautia tests the publication of content by SMS or MMS on the Web.
In June, e-nautia federates more than 10,000 e-nauts and offers a shorter URL for the spaces.
In August, the e-mail service is revamped.
In September and October, the groups and the spaces merge. It is now possible to add forums on its space.
In November, the spaces are redesigned. The Spanish version is opened.
In December, e-nautia presents a new design and a new connected home page.

2013, more mobile and more Web
In January, e-nautia adopts the hashtags and the videos manage subtitles.
In February, the threshold of 10 millions of files stored on the virtual disk is crossed.
In May, the touch use is integrated for scrolling of photos and videos.
In June, the file size limit for Web upload increases to 10 GB.
In July, the spaces are redesigned.
In October, the mobile version of the site is released.

2014, 10 years
In November, for its 10 years, e-nautia inaugurates e-mail addresses with new domain names.
In December, the German version is available.

2015, confidentiality and privacy
In 2015, e-nautia is more committed than ever to protecting its users against mass surveillance.
The interface continues to improve through successive improvements.
In July, a professional version of e-mail service opens up. This offers the ability to use the e-mail service with one's own domain name.

2016, surprises…

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