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Make a link

Get the logos to make a link to your space. You can also make a link to offer your visitors to share your pages on e-nautia.

e-nautia logos

Right click on the desired format and click on Save target as to get the image or Copy shortcut to get the URL of the image.
The "e" logos: 32×32 64×64 128×128 256×256 512×512
The "e-nautia" logos: 340×48 680×96 1280×182 1920×272 3840×545

Share button

To enable the sharing of a page, insert the following code:
<span id="e_share"></span><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Once connected to e-nautia, the internaut will be invited to share the referrer page with his contacts.

Customized sharing link

If you want to create your own link to share, you can do it from this link:

TEXT should be replaced with your text or title.
URL should be replaced with your URL.
You can use one or two parameters at a time.

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