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Help > 7 good reasons to use e-nautia

7 good reasons to use e-nautia

Why do people choose e-nautia? Answers!


To communicate otherwise

Choosing e-nautia, it is entering a community of 80,000 users, of which 20,000 registered, being every day more numerous. It is sharing comments in private or in public, depending on one’s desires. It is knowing that these exchanges will not be the subject of unfair censorship, as in certain services where e-mail or publications can be filtered.

Meet your loved ones or expand your network

With e-nautia, you find your loved ones in a friendly environment. Share your photos, your videos, your news and other formats. Create folders, forums and discussions. Customize your space. e-nautia, it’s your home.

Protect online database or with an external hard drive?

USBAn external hard drive protects against certain risks. But it does not protect in case of burglary, fire, natural damage or unfortunate incident. In addition, a hard drive wears away and may suffer a shock. In the end, sooner or later, your data will be lost. You can hope for the best or you can choose e-nautia. :)

On e-nautia, your data is distributed across multiple hard drives simultaneously. In other words, in the case of a crash disk, your data remains accessible. Your data is stored in secure data centers protected against common risks: power cuts, fire, theft, etc. In addition, e-nautia has implemented a remote batch processing backup system on a site geographically distant. In other words, although the city was destroyed (unlikely), another version of your data could be recovered.

Choosing e-nautia, is to choose privacy and security!

SecurityThe majority of the services, including the most popular and widely used, are in the control of cyber monitoring governmental organizations (NSA, PRISM, Patriot Act, many more or better ones…). In other words, by choosing these services, you waive the confidentiality of your exchanges and your data.

On the other hand, as a bonus, most of these services provide ownership of your data in the terms of use. In short, once you use these services, your data also belong to these companies.

This is obviously not the case on e-nautia. You will remain the sole owner of your data. e-nautia does never give your data. You are the only one choosing how you use them.

To combat network sniffers, encryption is enabled by default on the site. On the other accesses (IMAP, POP, SMTP and FTP), encryption is available depending on the choice of the user.

To combat the mass surveillance, e-nautia applies European law which guarantees the confidentiality of the data and rejects any request that would be clearly contrary to fundamental rights. This may include some queries provided by the laws of mass surveillance criticized by many freedom and humanitarian organizations. e-nautia, has opted for ethics and it lives with it.

Available support!

SupportOn many services, support is absent or fictitious. You can go thought the days but you receive no response or you receive a response completely mistaken.

With e-nautia, you get a guaranteed replay within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Most often, it happens within a few hours. Support is reachable and it seeks to improve the quality of services permanently. Your opinions and contributions help us.

The right price!

Here, some services are offered. Others cost only a few euros per month or a few tens of euros per year. This is small compared to the costs related to the infrastructure, servers, taxes and the people who work behind for the security and the protection of your data. You ensure your data. With e-nautia, you contribute to an ethical development of the Web and you make this Web a better Web.

e-nautia, it is not over yet!

e-nautia will continue to evolve. Projects always emerge, new things, to help you use the internet to tour advantage. You will soon find out more. So, stay tuned! ;)

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