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When I was in elementary school, a video game called Space Invaders became popular. All my classmates were crazy about it. Those who did not play it were ostracized. So I made an effort and played it a few times. But I didn't enjoy it one bit.
Even after that, I have never been interested in video games. I am Japanese, but the same thing happened to me with Japanese anime and otaku culture.
I am a lonely person who does not share the interests of those around me.

小学生の頃、スペースインベーダーというゲームが流行りました。 同級生はみんな夢中でした。 それをプレイしなかった人は追放されました。 それで頑張って何回かプレイしました。 しかし、私はそれを少しも楽しんでいませんでした。
それ以来、私はテレビゲームにまったく興味がありませんでした。 私は日本人ですが、日本のアニメやオタク文化についても同じでした。
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Liberté, paix et amour pour 2023 ! Bonne année à tous ! 🥳✨🎊🎆🎇🎉🎈
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Can't you hear my wind song?

Little birds made of glass will not sing for you.
Shoes made of gold will hurt your feet.
And yet you go to the big city. To a world of imitations you go.

Won't you play with me in the forest?
Let's play once more with the squirrels and rabbits in the forest.
And pick colourful mushrooms.
Just like you and I did when we were very young.

And yet you are going to town. Into a world of imitations you go.
And yet you are going to town. Into a world of imitations you go.

I had a white dream.
I dreamed in the blinding light.
I was at peace, I was sad and at peace.
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To meet awakened one

I would like to tell you something.
It is not that "faith" in Buddhism means to believe in something. Maybe you think that belief means to cling to something as a certainty. It is not. It means that your mind becomes clean and clear. When you awaken to deep wisdom, Buddhists call it faith. Those who have awakened to it see the world correctly and without bias. Then he or she will surely take action to make the world a better place. Buddhists call it practice.
When you are fully awakened to it, you will become a Buddha. Please be well aware. Please.
How can I awaken to wisdom? That's a tough question. I can't give you an easy answer that if you do A, you will definitely get B. Only swindlers pretending to be religious would say such words.
I can only give you a little advice.
One of them is that it is important to keep "doubt". Any question is fine. It can be a metaphysical question or a familiar problem. Don't obscure it, but work hard at it as an eternal, insoluble enigma. Don't take things for granted. It's important to question why it's taken for granted. Don't cling to easy solutions! Someday,you will find that it was the best nourishment for your awakening to wisdom.
The second important thing is to meet people who are already enlightened. If possible, you should meet a living person. If you can't do that, someone you meet in a book will do. For example, the Buddha's words that I learned from this podcast. It is meeting those who have already been awakened by voice or writing. They will surely convey deep wisdom to you.
I think these two things are the most important things in life. And I realize that it is also the greatest happiness of my life. Please meet good mentors (it means Buddhas or Bodhisattvas.).
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What does it mean to be enlightened?
What does it mean to awaken to wisdom?
In my opinion, it is to realise one's own ignorance, one's own stupidity.
A person who is not aware of his stupidity is a total fool.
A person who knows his stupidity is not stupid.
He will surely turn into a humble person.
And that person will be acutely aware of the suffering of his neighbour, he will see the injustices of society. That person will surely comfort his neighbour, criticise social injustice and act for the betterment of society.
This is enlightenment.
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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreased by being shared.
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Edge tied by eel.

For a long time, I have been attending a large general hospital in central Tokyo.
When I first went there, I had trouble choosing a pharmacy.
There are about 30 dispensing pharmacies in the vicinity of the hospital, but I have no selection criteria. I was at a loss as to which one to choose.
When I was in trouble, I suddenly smelled grilled eel. When I walked by the smell, I saw a woman (who was wearing Japanese clothes) grilling eel at the front of an eel restaurant.
At that time, when I turned to the side of the store, I saw a yellow-green sign that read, "Kusuribako Pharmacy."

"I'm sure it means something!"
I chose that pharmacy without hesitation.
Later, I told the pharmacist at the store why I chose that store. She burst into laughter when she heard my story.
It's been 25 years since I started going there.
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When someone says, "Please do this to stop the spread of the new virus," especially when it is said by someone with power (media company, government, etc.), it is effectively an order. The person on the receiving end will act defensively, shrinking away for fear of the punishment he or she will receive if they do not comply.

By the way, the right imperative presupposes the idea that "the spread of infection is a bad thing," which in turn presupposes the idea that "death is a bad thing.
In other words, it assumes, as a matter of course, that death is bad and life is good, a value system that divides things into binary values based on a single criterion, and that one is attached to one and the other is ostracized.

In other words, they affirm only that ideology and deny those who hold other ideologies as their creed. Those who are denied this will feel the humiliation of having their personalities violated by being forced into a way of thinking that they do not agree with.

However, there are people in the world who believe that life and death are neither good nor evil, that they are "facts" that transcend the values of good and evil that humans arbitrarily attach to them, and that dying is neither bad nor good, but is a fact that transcends good and evil.
Humans are obsessed with the idea that there is a cleanliness and a muddiness, and they cling to these two things. However, there is no such thing as cleanliness or muddiness in nature, and both are merely fictions created by people in their own minds. People originally think that good and evil are completely different things, and they are obsessed with good and evil. The plate, the earth, and the ocean are neither good nor evil by nature, but we humans fight over them by setting up various divisions such as black and white, right and wrong, and so on. This is the root of human ignorance, or vexation, from which all kinds of things that vex the body and trouble the mind arise.
Therefore, there are people on this earth who are willing to live free from suffering by knowing that there is neither mere good nor mere evil in this world, and that good and evil are not separate in nature, but are fictions created by human beings.

The (de facto) order, "You must do this to stop the spread of the new viruses," arrogantly tramples on their freedom of thought and religious belief.
It is a clear violation of the Constitution, yet no one is aware of it. No one even points it out.
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