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We refer to the letter we posted to your address but did not hear from you and decided to email once again.

MNOGC is a financial Giant in private joint stock company, which specializes in Loan, Finance & Investment activities in real estate and hospitality,industrial and sustainable technologies, strategic financial investments, specialized education, health care services, Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, Energy and additional environmentally sustainable projects equity position with a 5 to 10 year hold.

We also give a 1.5% commission to brokers, who brings project owners for finance or other opportunities.

MNOGC is acting as a lender and the fund will be disbursed on a clear interest rate of 2.5% annually to our partners and Entrepreneurs for their investment projects.

For further details please contact me directly with your business plans or project summary to emails below.

Looking forward hearing from you soonest.


Dr. Kim Eur Joong.
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