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Job Recruitment
Dear candidate!!!

This is to introduce to you Emirates National Oil Company and Shell Oil company. Job openings for expatriate engineers.

This is on a two years contract renewable after a satisfactory job experience with us please submit your CV if you would like to work away from home (United Arab Emirates).

Below are current positions where candidates are needed and you are required to choose:

(Job Ref. :2985)
Catering Services Supervisor (Job Ref. :3245)
Catering Services (Job Ref. :3856)
Housing Officer (Job Ref. :3254)
Liaison Officer (Job Ref. :2397)
Assets Officer (Job Ref. :3987)
CATV Technician (Job Ref. :2896)
CCTV (Job Ref. :3759)
PABX (Job Ref. :2774)
WEMS Officer (Job Ref. :2989)
Keys Keeper (Job Ref. :3454)
Housing Section (Job Ref. :2354)
Sports Officer (Job Ref. :3845)
Male Health club (Job Ref. :3454)
Public Health (Job Ref. :2874)
Record Management Systems (Job Ref. :2343)
Lead Pipeline Engineer (Job Ref. :2246)
Derrick Crane Operator (Job Ref. :3345)
General Practitioner (Job Ref. :3350)
Sr. Engineer (Pipelines) (Job Ref. :3346)
Welding Engineer (Job Ref. :3322)
Foreman Welding (YRD) (Job Ref. :3121)
Head of Inventory (Job Ref. :3317)
Insturement Supervisor (Job Ref. :3314)
Lead Offshore Construction Engineer (Job Ref. :3313)
Offshore Support Engineer (Job Ref. :3294)
Radiographer (Job Ref. :3276)
Site Engineer (Job Ref. :3044)
ICAPS Operator (Job Ref. :3154)
Lead Instrument Commissioning Engineer (Job Ref. :3152)
Millwright Fitter (Job Ref. :3090)
Senior Document Controller (Job Ref. :2323)
Sr. Commissioning Engineer (Process) (Job Ref. :3153)
Engineer (Naval Architecture) (Job Ref. :3165)
Lead Electrical Commissioning Engineer (Job Ref. :3156)
Principal Engineer (Process) (Job Ref. :3161)
Sr. Structural Draftsman (Job Ref. :3163)
Electrician (PLT) (Job Ref. :3132)
Mechanic (PLT) (Job Ref. :3134)
Sr. Engineer (Pipelines) (Job Ref. :3142)
Sr. Safety Engineer (Process) (Job Ref. :3141)
Foreman Instrument (OFF) (Job Ref. :3081)
Radiographer (Job Ref. :3079)
Sr. Planning Engineer (Job Ref. :3073)
Emergency Medical Officers-Doctors/Nurses(Job Ref. :2895)
DMT Air Diver (Job Ref. :2816)
Electrician (PLT) (Job Ref. :2806)
Mechanic (PLT) (Job Ref. :2809)
Ultrasonic/Multi discipline NDT Operator (Job Ref. :2805)
IT Engineer (Job Ref. :2801)
Lead Piping Engineer (Job Ref. :2793)
Electrician (PLT) (Job Ref. :2783)
Principal Engineer (Pipelines) (Job Ref. :2787)
Sr. Procurement Engineer (Job Ref. :2778)
Procurement Engineer (Job Ref. :2777)
Certified Inspector (Job Ref. :2769)
Assistant Cost Control Engineer (Job Ref. :2743)
Foreman Fabrication (YRD) (Job Ref. :2681)
Cost Control Engineer (Job Ref. :2561)
Jack Operator (PLT) (Job Ref. :2718)
Lead Rotating Equipment Engineer (Job Ref. :2584)
Sr. Structural Draftsman (Job Ref. :2404)
IT Quality Analyst (Job Ref. :2689)
Foreman Welding (YRD) (Job Ref. :2682)
General Foreman (Fabrication) (Job Ref. :2685)
IT Engineer (Job Ref. :2572)
Barge Foreman (Job Ref. :2624)
Specialist Electrical (PLT) (Job Ref. :2498)
ROV Supervisor (Job Ref. :2329)
SR ROV PILOT (Job Ref. :2335)
Structural Engineer (Job Ref. :2236)
Hydro graphic Survey Manager (Job Ref. :2345)
Senior Insurance Officer (Job Ref. :2785)
Accounting (Job Ref. :2874)
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