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betting exchange
A betting exchange is essential to matched betting.  Betting exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets allow you to place a bet on a result not …
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J'aime - Commenter - Partager - 16 mars 16h14 - Public
On the main markets such as Premier League there is a huge array of options for a punter to lay or bet on. If you like to bet on smaller leagues around Europe, it may be difficult to find the best odds but this is to be expected. There is no definable betting limit offered by Betfair, it is up to the customer. Unlike other European bookmakers Betfair never put a betting limit on you because you are a winning customer, as it is in the interest of the site to have a punter that keeps winning!
J'aime - Commenter - Partager - Permalien - 25 février 10h47 - Public
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