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Why Using Breeders Choice Cat Litter Can Benefit Your Feline Friend

Cat litter is an essential thing for cat owners. It is easy to find and cheap, which makes it an ideal asset for any individual who owns a feline friend. Unfortunately, most cat litter on the market is made from dangerous substances for cats, humans, and the environment. Furthermore, many litters contain synthetic fragrances that distort your cat’s sense of smell. Using Breeders Choice cat litter will ensure you and your cat are safe while not being responsible for affecting the environment. Most pet shops will have some environmental-friendly cat litter, and you can find an ideal one by searching on Google for petstock near me.

What Are the Most Used Types of Cat Litter

Many materials have been used in history for cat litter purposes. Many cat owners from the past have used different natural or non-natural materials to put in their cat’s litter boxes. Many did not use anything and just let their cat outside for a few hours daily. Recently, there are two main popular cat litter choices, and neither is environmentally friendly or healthy for cats.

1. Clay-Based Cat Litters

Clay has been used for over a century as a litter filler. However, original clay meant for cats proved to be toxic to them. Unfortunately, this has been discovered only in recent history, and most companies producing it switched to an improved version that would be less dangerous. Many clay-based products on the market boast of antibacterial elements or a low-dust label.

Despite recent improvements, clay kitty litter can still be dangerous for your cat and your family. The little clay pieces can get stuck in your cat’s digestive system and cause blockages. If they are not detected early and treated, they can prove fatal for your kitten. Other household animals are susceptible to digestive blockages if they ingest clay pieces. Toxoplasmosis is a direct risk to humans, and used clay cat litter can be a source of infection. Overall, you should avoid clay kitty litter and look for natural options. You can search for “petstock near me” on Google if you want to find a place that sells quality kitty litter.

2. Silica-Based Cat Litters

Crystalline silica kitty litter is one of the most popular absorbent litters today. The reputation is attributed mainly to how the silica works. It absorbs the cat’s urine and dries up while eliminating the smell. That sounds very convenient for any cat owner that wants an easy solution. Unfortunately, some veterinary studies prove that things are not as simple as they seem.

First of all, silica is known to be carcinogenic to humans. If you consistently breathe in the silica dust, it may pose a health hazard to you and your family members. A lung disease called silicosis can affect both cats and humans exposed to silica dust for a long time. Bronchitis and tuberculosis can also occur in humans because of silica dust.

For your cat friend, silica dust can bring more trouble. Respiratory infections are often caused by silica-based kitty litter. Cats ingest the silica while cleaning their paws and can suffer health problems. The silica will accumulate in their intestines and absorb moisture, all while absorbing other nutrients as well. Intestinal blockages can also happen if your cat ingests silica.

Why Breeders Choice Cat Litter Is Ideal for Your Kitty

There are many reasons why Breeders Choice cat litter  is the best option for your feline friend. The most obvious reasons are that they don’t pose a health risk for you or your cat. Furthermore, it reduces your ecological footprint since a single cat can use up to 220 kg of litter yearly. You can buy quality natural litter if you search for “petstock near me” on Google. Breeders Choice cat litter is better than other types of litter because:

  • It is environmentally friendly. If you read the label, you will notice that every single component of the litter is bio-degradable.
  • It doesn’t pose health risks for your cat. While clay and silica can cause blockages in your cat’s intestines, Breeders Choice cat litter is made from paper pellets that break down fast. Furthermore, it’s free of chemicals, so it won’t irritate your cat’s lungs or cause respiratory problems.
  • It doesn’t pose health risks for your family. Using natural kitty litter will ensure you and your family will be safe from any diseases or infections propagated through other types of litter. Even if the urine smell is more noticeable, at least you can be assured that it won’t affect your health.
  • Dust won’t be a problem. Dust will go up in the air when you pour clay-based kitty litter or when your cat covers its waste. It’s even worse when you’re using silica-based litter since that dust is proven to be carcinogenic.
  • More disposing options. If you try to pour other types of litter down the toilet and flush them, there is a big chance your pipes will clog. If you flush down natural litter, your pipes will have no problem.

Are You Wondering “Is There Any Petstock Near Me?”

If you’re asking yourself the question “Is there any petstock near me?”, the most probable answer is “yes”. There are many places around the country where you can buy Breeders Choice cat litter. The easiest thing to do is do a quick Google search to see where the closest one is. Then, you can check if they have any online catalogs or just give them a quick call before you visit to ensure they have the litter in stock.

There are many reasons why you should use Breeders Choice cat litter for your kitty friend. First, it doesn’t pose health risks like silica or clay-based litter, and even if your cat doesn’t like it as much, you’ll know you’re doing a good job being eco-friendly. In addition, it is not that hard to find. All you need to do is run a quick Google search using the keywords “petstock near me” and find the closest store.

Publication: 03/10/2022 08:38

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