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Which Is the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs?

Fleas are frustrating for dogs; they irritate your feline friend and infest it and your home quite quickly. Flea bites usually cause scratching, red and flask skin, scabs, hair loss, and anemia. If you see any signs that your dog has fleas, you should deal with this immediately. Is a flea treatment for dogs such as Nexgard that offers excellent results?

Which Flea Treatment for Dogs Should You Use?

Fleas are more common than most people think and quite dangerous. It is important to understand that they will not disappear on their own, and you must help your dog get rid of them. To do so, you can use effective flea treatment for dogs.

When considering what type of product to use for your dog, you should:

  • Avoid using inexpensive products because low-cost products can have severe side effects such as health problems
  • Keep it simple- the point of using a product is to get rid of fleas

Why Nexgard?

According to an interesting article in WholeDogJournal, "A middle-ground, common-sense tactic is to use one of the modern-miracle flea-control products, but only when needed, and only as minimally as you can while still preventing fleas. If you’ve never seen a flea on your dog or home, don’t introduce these pesticides or medications for no reason! "

Nexgard is a popular and effective flea treatment, which is chewable; this is what makes it an excellent option for dogs. Selecting a suitable medicine for your dog is not easy, especially when discussing flea treatments. There are various aspects to consider when choosing such medicine, such as ingredients, price, efficiency, and safety. Most treatments have side effects such as vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy, and others.

What Should You Know About Effective Flea Treatment?

The whole point of Nexgard is to protect dogs against pests; the chewable pills can be taken by dogs and puppies of at least eight weeks and 4 pounds. Its effects last for 30 days, which means that dog owners do not have to worry about fleas for at least another month.

Getting rid of fleas is a priority for dog owners, but this does not mean they should use whatever type of medication they come across. It is recommended to do some research and has accurate information about the product you would like to give your dog.      

What to Look for When Using Flea Treatment for Dogs?

Dog owners should monitor their pets closely after using Nexgard or any other medicine to see whether he suffers from any adverse reactions. If the dog has diarrhea, vomiting, or different responses, you should inform your veterinarian and note this.

Fleas make life so unpleasant and unbearable for pets. These parasites can survive for weeks if they are not dealt with. They start reproducing within days, and your dog can have a severe infestation before you know it. Usually, fleas need about a month to develop or produce, and their life cycle has four different stages:

  • Egg- the eggs are laid on the furr of the animal and them from two days to two weeks to hatch
  • Larva- larvae grow inside the egg
  • Pupa- pupae are difficult to identify and deal with
  • Adult fleas

How Can Dogs Get Fleas?

It is not very difficult for dogs to get fleas as there are numerous situations when dogs are exposed to these parasites. These are:

  • Outside in the grass- fleas are found in the grass
  • Outside- fleas are found outdoors in a variety of environments
  • From another dog- fleas can jump from one host to another, but they usually stick to the initial host

Female fleas can lay around 50 eggs daily, which is a lot. You only need a few fleas and will end up dealing with a severe infestation. Proper flea control is recommended to help your dog stay flea-free. Infestations can occur anytime, as fleas are anywhere. What matters is what you do about them.

What Are the Signs that Your dog Has Fleas?

If you cannot tell whether your dog has fleas or not, this is a list of signs you might find helpful:

  • Scratching- this is the most apparent sign as fleas irritate the skin of the pet, and they make it scratch all the time
  • Hair loss- it occurs as a result of excessive scratching and grooming
  • Irritated skin- if the skin of your dog is red and sore, chances are it has a severe infestation
  • Pale gums- fleas infestation can cause anemia, which results in pale gums.

Prevention is the best action when dealing with fleas, but if this is no longer possible, it is best to try Nexgard and see how it works. This medicine is highly recommended against fleas, and it works.

What to Do to Avoid Fleas Infestation?

Sooner or later, most pet owners deal with a fleas infestation, but there are things they can do to reduce the risks, such as:

  • Wash the bedding of the dog in hot water and keep it in direct sunlight
  • Mow your grass and remove leaves- fleas stay in the grass, and it is best to keep the grass short and eliminate piles of brush from your yard or garden
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly- insist on the areas where your dog usually spends his time
  • Cover garbage bins and any other places your dog can crawl; block access to such spaces.

Where to Find Fleas Treatment?

To summarize, whether you have a small or large dog infested with fleas, you should go online for the best flea treatment for dogs. The effectiveness and quality of such medicine for pets vary greatly, and you want the best for your dear pet.

The good news is that you can place your order for Nexgard from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you in no time.

Publication: 05/10/2022 06:14

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