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Why a Bird Harness Is a Must-Have Accessory

Birds are fantastic pets that not everyone has the courage to get. While birds are highly intelligent animals, people fear they will fly away. The bird harness is an exciting creation that can take away your worries. If properly taken care of, no bird will ever fly away, but for those extra skeptical people, the harness is another layer of security. This way, you let your bird free without fearing they will get themselves stuck somewhere. It would be best if you also considered getting a cockatiel cage. Even if you let them free most of the time, a cage could act as their "bedroom."

Every single soul is entitled to personal space. It doesn't matter how small; everyone needs privacy, even animals. You might think your bird doesn't need a cage because they are so small and can fly anywhere in the house and hide, but the truth is a cage is much more than private space. A cage also means safety. A cage is your bird's house; their toys, food, swings, bedroom, bathroom, and everything are in that cage. Your bird's entire life, for them, relies on that cage. Even if they have all the freedom in the world, sometimes that cage feels like the safest place to retreat and rewind.

What to Do with a Cockatiel Cage if Your Bird Is Free

No matter what kind of bird parent you are, whether or not you keep your bird free or not, a cockatiel cage should never be overlooked. It is extremely important for your bird to have a "retreat area" in case they ever get overwhelmed in a situation. It's also crucial to have a cage for their health and happiness. For example, imagine going to the vet with your bird and you have to wait in line with dogs that are too excited to see a bird. To ensure your pet's safety in a situation like this, it would be best if you took them in a cage.

Another great reason to buy your winged baby a cockatiel cage is for transportation purposes. Sure, a bird harness is more than enough when it comes to transporting the bird alone, but for certain situations like moving houses or traveling long distances, it would be best if you could get "their house" on the road with you. This way, you don't have to carry additional items like a swing, food, water pipe, toys, etc. And your bird needs to know their safe place is with them so that whenever they want, they can escape there.

How a Bird Harness Brings You and Your Pet Closer

If you feel like a bird would be an excellent pet for you but are afraid you might be set back by the fact that you can't "walk" birds, there is a bird harness. A harness could be the one thing that brings you both together. You will never feel guilty for leaving your bird alone at home, and your bird will be more comfortable by your side. Who said birds are not fun, outdoor activities friendly kind of pets?

A harness also comes in handy if you want to train your bird. It might sound shocking to some people, but birds can be trained too. And unlike other species of animals, they learn faster because they are very wise and naturally intelligent. One thing is for sure, owning a bird was never as fun as it is nowadays. There are so many accessories and gadgets that you can use to better your bird's life. And using these devices, you can bond better. So get a cockatiel cage, and start "furnishing" your pet's house. Take them with you to the pet store and let them choose.

How To Care for a Bird

Caring for a bird can prove extremely difficult if you can't put in the time and patience. While they might seem small and harmless, owning a bird is not all honey and milk. Like any other animal, they also have special needs. A bird can also get ill, so you must make an educated decision if you decide to get one because they are considered exotic animals, and not all veterinarians accept them as patients. Sometimes not having a vet close to your house can make things even more challenging, especially if you get a playful bird into trouble.

Luckily, you can now attend online courses on how to care for birds very early in your "parenthood" journey. These online courses are where you will learn to prevent all possible problems if you can't find a veterinarian right away. Remember that no advice is better than advice from a veterinarian. So no matter how far the closest vet office is from your house, you should at least call and talk to a professional.

How to Travel with a Pet Bird

Most birds are extremely friendly or will become friendly slowly as they get to know you better. Traveling with any animal, especially on longer distances, is never easy because they like their space. However, animals care about you more. Birds might be a little trickier to keep still in a moving vehicle, but a good harness and cage won't fix anything. Therefore, if you plan to go on a more extended road trip and you have a bird, make sure they have a bird harness, and a cockatiel cage and your ride will surely be smooth.

Another great tip if you are traveling with your pet is to not keep them in the bird harness or cockatiel cage for too long. Especially if they are active and were raised with complete freedom, take it slow when traveling. Stop here and there every once in a while, and allow your pet bird to do their thing. Stopping will also be good for you. Treat every trip like you are with your best friend. Stop, relax, get a coffee or a tea and enjoy your time.

Publication: 31/10/2022 11:43

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