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There are a lot of esports games over the years, and players, fans and punters alike have all watched the big games and tournaments that made these games so popular. It was the start of a golden age for video games, and they continue to make waves in the esports industry.

Over the years, the games played in the industry have become a big hit among many fans. Each tourney is watched by millions of fans who want to know what made esports a lovable industry. It was the new standard for gaming, and these games have set the tone for it.

With a wide variety of esports games, it would be easy for a lot of players to try their luck and see if they have a knack for these games as well. Most of the games are competitive and have a huge fan base. This is why esports is so popular and it continues to attract more gamers to join in the hype.

Sites such as esports Bitcasino provide relevant information about these games. Over the years, the term ‘esports’ is now used to refer to competitive games played against each other. Early games such as Counter-Strike and Warcraft were all seen as the firestarters of this industry, and now look how far they’ve gone.

Here are five esports games that you should try:

League of Legends

Some even say that it is a rip-off of Valve’s game, Dota 2. LoL has the same goal as Dota 2 where there is a main structure that needs to be destroyed in order to win. This is one of the esports games that can be thrilling to play.

LoL has a wide variety of heroes but is far more diverse than the one that Dota has, so this is still a must-play for those who want to enjoy an intense game.

Dota 2

Valve’s strategy game is a big hit that continues to shine even years after its release. It is one of the oldest games in the esports industry. This game is a direct improvement of the mod of the same title that originated from Warcraft III.

Dota 2 pits a team of five against another in a three-way map with the use of heroes that have a lot of different skills. This game requires a lot of teamwork and patience to use a lot of strategies to win. The goal is to destroy the main tower of the enemy base while players level up with their heroes the longer the game gets.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty presented Warzone as a standalone content from the main game, which is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (remake). This game is a first-person shooter that lets you play in a battle royale format or even in teams.

The goal here is to survive and make it to the final moments of the game while the map shrinks. Players can ask for package supplies and even use perks that can help them take out a lot of enemies at once.

StarCraft II

StarCraft is Blizzard’s best strategy game that has leapt beyond what Warcraft offered. This space-themed RTS (real-time strategy) game has worked well to lure a lot of players into the fold and it has led to the rise of esports stars who have mastered the game over the years.

The game has three races - the Terran, Zerg and Protoss. Players build their base and they train certain units that have unique abilities to destroy the opposing team’s base.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the oldest game in the esports industry if you connect it to its first game. CS:GO has taken the world by storm thanks to its free skins and it has been the top league in the FPS genre over the years. It is even ranked as one of the best among many esports sites such as esports Bitcasino—

Players get to play two sides in CS, the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists. Aside from wiping out the enemy team, each side has a set of goals that could give them a win in a round. The game has been a big hit over the years and a lot of players continue to play it.
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