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How to open an e-mail?
One click selects the e-mail. You must double-click on the subject to open it.

How to send an e-mail to multiple recipients?
There are two ways. On the contacts list, select recipients and click E-mail. For an e-mail that is being written, type the first letters in the To box to show contacts to select.

How to select or move one or more e-mail?
A single click selects a first e-mail. You can move with the cursor and use the keyboard techniques. To select other individually, press Ctrl + click. To select several that follow at a stroke, do Shift + click. You can deselect individually with Ctrl + click. To move the selection, hold the click down, drag and drop to the desired folder.

How to move one or more e-mail from a list?
Once e-mails selected, simply drag your e-mails to a folder on the left and drop.

How to insert an image into the mail body?
To do this, there are two ways.
1/ If the image is already online, use the Insert image button and enter the full URL.
2/ If not, join the image first. Then use the Insert image button. Your image appears in the list. Select it. Any joined image inserted in the body generally does not appear as attached.

How to send large files by e-mail?
It is not recommended to directly send large files as attachments because the box of your destination can be limited or because he gets his e-mails by a mail client. Therefore e-nautia suggests you to use the file teleporter. You will then only have to copy the URL.

How to retrieve my e-mails stored on an old box?
With e-nautia, you have the Mail Copy tool to copy your messages from one box to another.

How the antispam and antivirus work?
When a bad code is identified (for example, a viral program or a content type phishing), the antivirus systematically destroyed the e-mail before it is distributed in your box. If the e-mail survives, the antispam assigns a note for each e-mail according to the potential of undesirability. Finally, it is your personal filter which classify your e-mails in the inbox, the junk folder or another folder.

I cannot move an e-mail in the Junk box.
To move an e-mail moved by the filter, you must mark as read.

How can I avoid that some e-mails are classified as junk?
If within the filters, the antispam option Do not filter my contacts is enabled, simply add the sender to your contacts.

Can I perform mass mailings?
In accordance with the relevant Terms of use, sending unsolicited e-mails (spam) is forbidden. Commercial mailing and any other type of canvassing are equally forbidden. Any non-compliant e-mail may lead to the suspension of the account. For mass message sending, you must necessarily pass through an adaptive solution such as SendInBlue.

I receive spam from an e-nautia user. How and where report?
e-nautia has a service dedicated to this type of complaint in the Help menu. Send us simply the full mail (included header).

Can I change my address on e-nautia and keep my e-mails?
You can change your e-mail address and keep your e-mails by using this form.

My box becomes long to load.
To optimize the loading time, delete unnecessary e-mails and organize your e-mails into folders.

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