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How to check ink levels on HP printer?
If you need to check ink levels on your HP printer then for that click “start” menu and type “devices and printers” a list of printer connected to the system will appear from that list click the printer for which you need to check the ink levels then to see the ink levels go to the status area at the bottom of the “devices and printers” window then for the additional information the printer double click on the printer icon. If you are still stuck in the technicalities then connect with the trained and visit at HP Printer Support to get the problem resolved
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How to solve HP printer is not printing after windows 7 upgrade?
HP Printers being technical machines do get into technical troubles and issues mostly during upgrade of windows operating systems and during some other such critical procedure , in case of the above given problem uninstall the HP printer using the printer driver removal utility, get latest software installed from HP official website , for any further assistance over this or any other technical issue related to HP printer talk to the trained and certified experienced technician and you can also visit our website
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Epson Printer troubleshooting paper jam.
Certain Epson printers are more susceptible to paper jam to others. The printer jam to any reason, like paper is not smooth, dirty, not fix vertically correctly. The primary solution of a paper jam is using cleaning the printer periodically and using the correct paper type are an easy fix. If you are looking for the best solution read below. • Turn the printer off and let the printer cool before you touch anything. • After that, pull the printer door and slid any tray and check where the jam occurred. • Pulled out the jammed paper sheet, make sure do not leave anything that cause a paper jam. • Turn it back on and reprint what you had begun if you want to visit our website follow the link
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