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Milky Floor
I returned to work, the usual schedule, way of life. But I dream about this lightness again, when you rest for a month and don't think about problems. Or maybe there is such a dream job, which is just about ease in life or something like that?
I like - Comment - Share - 23/02/2022 10:44 - Public
Billius Shiph: Many women do not like it when men work and earn in this way, stereotypes. Where did they come from? It's strange to think that you can only earn money by sitting in the office.
I like - 23 February 14:01
Greg Bjorg: I have not personally encountered deception, which is good of course. But of course there were losses, not without it. In general, such an income of can be called stable rather than not. But you will have to study up for the first time, and most importantly, always analyze everything
I like - 23 February 16:34
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