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Best sterling silver jewellery

New Royal Enterprises has been an international and domestic jewellery retailer for more than 25 years. We are the most prominent jewellery supplier of earrings. We specialise in creating and designing modern earring jewellery and exquisite jewellery. We strive to stay current with the newest and most famous fashions.
We supply the highest quality bulk products, including wholesale earrings.

We also are a wholesaler of Celtic Jewellery, Irish, Scottish Thistle jewellery, and many more!

Our commitment to quality

As manufacturer and wholesaler, We are dedicated to delivering the best quality products and services. We also promote the ongoing education of our employees and are committed to the continuous enhancement of our people and processes.

Our Prices

We're committed to providing top-quality jewellery that is affordable and accessible to anyone with a budget. This is why we'll ensure that prices are at a minimum to ensure you receive the exact piece of sterling silver jewellery that you will appreciate at an affordable price.

Our Core Collection

Our entire collection has been designed with great care and made using sterling silver and authentic gemstones. We're sure you'll locate the right piece from our range and provide excellent wholesale prices.


Our jewellery warehouse is located in Bangkok, Thailand, a nation famous for its sterling silver jewellery manufacturing. In our Bangkok warehouse, we ship to clients worldwide, including those in the USA, UK, Ireland and Europe.

Are you ready to discover the next treasure?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the"> best sterling silver jewellery
made in Thailand while providing the most enjoyable online shopping experience and the most up-to-date merchandise and solutions.
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