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Adult doll is more than just a cathartic mouth

A woman in the United Kingdom found out that she was suffering from infertility during the premarital examination. There was no way to have a child in this life. Although her fiance didn’t care about this black sex doll , she was very conscious that she couldn’t give her fiance a complete family. At the same time, she also wanted to have one. What belongs to me is still there, but unfortunately my dream has never been shattered!

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In order to realize this wish, she got married and bought a simulated TPE sex doll. Her husband also agreed with her approach and believed that as long as she was happy, she was fine. She will try her best to take care of this simulated entity doll every day, just like her own child, putting her in the crib, sleeping next to it, in the bathtub, bathing her, reading ancient poems to him for breakfast, and teaching her to read. Although this physical doll will never grow up, can not learn any knowledge, will not cry like other children, but the cheap TPE sex doll is so delicately crafted, as if it is alive, she is happy every day, and treat her as a Part of the family has also improved a lot.


Owning a teen sex doll is also very sunny
Some time ago, a news media reported such an incident. Somewhere, there is a man in his fifties. Due to his physical disability, he has been unable to find a suitable partner. Since both mother and son are single, he has always been alone. I feel that my life is very lonely, and no one can listen to myself tell the suffering in life. So on the recommendation of related friends, I chose Realistic sex doll as my partner.

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Some people in the society don't understand this person's behavior. According to relevant reporters, the man not only carried the silicone doll while sleeping, but also carried the doll with him during meals or other activities. The sex doll became his real wife, so many people think that this man is a mentally ill person. In fact, according to the reporter's further understanding, the reason for this man's behavior was entirely because he treated his partner. His standards and what he usually does are put on the cartoon sex doll. On his own terms, in the real world, he has no chance to find a suitable wife. He can only regard sex dolls as the sustenance of his soul. This is actually this. This product is very realistic.

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Publication: 24/11/2021 08:24

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