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Under the epidemic, where is the future of robot sex dolls?

Under the epidemic, where is the future of robot sex dolls?

In 2018, relevant agencies investigated the fledgling world of sex robots. Although physical dolls have a long history, it is actually a growing industry. Four years later, the industry started to make waves on the business arena at the beginning of the pandemic, and today, four years later, we revisit the industry to see how much it has changed.

In the initial survey, it can be found that there is a high demand for these robot sex dolls, and people want to use AI to enhance the experience of robot doll owners. As is often the case in the field of technological innovation, the industry is new but moving very fast. Some experts predict that the industry will soon innovate faster than necessary regulations.

We also found that people's opinions vary widely on the moral and ethical issues surrounding physical dolls and their use.

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A society in need of "love"

During the epidemic, human-to-human contact has been strictly restricted. Shopping malls, parks and other entertainment venues are closed, single adults are isolated, and some couples are even forced to separate in different places, unable to communicate in the most natural way. As traditional dating and intimacy dwindle, people are looking for different solutions.

With the growth of sales of adult products, the number of member registrations of many dating apps and websites has also increased significantly. Spending too much time at home, many people are looking for new ways to comfort themselves in a safe way. According to U.S. adult products company SDG, demand for their products grew by more than 51% in February and March 2020, including single men and women, as well as hetero and same-sex couples.

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What's the future of big-ass sex dolls?

Future big boobs sex doll will combine artificial intelligence and human-like physical responses. Choose from over 20 different personalities including shy, kind, insecure, jealous, humorous, talkative, intelligent, and happy. Through learning, it is possible to understand user preferences for food, entertainment, music, and of course, sexual preferences. It is even possible to learn about the user's past, family, and process this information to create a surreal conversation. In the future, more advanced physical dolls will be designed to simplify this artificial learning process, making conversations with the dolls more realistic.

In terms of simulating physical reactions, a combination of internal and external sensors is currently being developed. The sensors will be touch-sensitive and hooked up to the black sex doll heating system, responding appropriately when touched.

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Future Chinese sex dolls will also feature facial recognition technology so they can identify users and differentiate between people they know and people they've never met. Eventually, sex dolls will be fully mobile, able to walk, talk and react like robots or even humans. However, one thing a physical doll will never do is empathy. While it's possible to have a relationship with a doll that doesn't require compromise, the question remains - how will this affect our ability to have a relationship in real life?

Publication: 22/04/2022 02:34

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