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Explore the impact of extreme temperatures on TPE sex dolls


   When you buy a real sex doll made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), you will realize how similar the touch of TPE is to human skin. But have baby friends ever thought about the best temperature to store TPE dolls? Today, I will explain to you.

  The experts in the circle suggest that the TPE skin in the TPE miniature sex dollshould be treated like human skin. It is mainly resistant to extreme temperatures (cold and heat). However, for this kind of chemical and polymer materials, this statement does not have a clear temperature range.

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   It is generally believed that the storage temperature range can be maintained between -40°C and 140°C, but there is no evidence or research that this precise range is correct.

  Research shows that you should avoid cleaning TPE sex dolls with water over 40℃; warm or overheated water will make the TPE material lose its stability and begin to melt. These conditions are just like what happens on human skin. When we stand in the sun, prolonged high temperature exposure will make the skin very fragile, causing peeling and finally burns.

   TPE is a very soft material, it can be stretched 5-10 times the length, but once the internal stability is destroyed, it will be irreversible, unlike silica gel that can withstand extremely high temperatures without damaging the physical structure.

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   In addition, the effect of low temperature on TPE material may not be as serious as that of high temperature. Just like humans, the skin of physical dolls will feel stiff under low temperature conditions, and the "fluctuation" of TPE cheap sex doll will also be suppressed. If you put the doll in a very cold room, it will become a rigid model that feels like a plastic rigid model.

  The difference between low temperature and high temperature is that high temperature will destroy the physical structure of TPE, while low temperature is different. Once the TPE BBW sex doll is stored at the correct temperature, the original rigid state will slowly disappear and return to the original state.

   TPE material dolls cannot be treated like silicone dolls, because their composition is different. One thing can be confirmed, that is, the guidelines provided by the doll manufacturer at the time of purchase have been verified and can be studied carefully.

Publication: 10/08/2021 03:03

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