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The deep meaning behind the adult sex doll exhibition


The special love under the photographer's lens, the deep meaning behind the physical doll exhibition

American exhibition curator Melissa Harris displayed the works of photographers Elena Dorfman and Jamie Diamond at the Prada Foundation in Milan, which caused a sensation.

AXB sex dolls

Dolls are one of the oldest toys known and have been attracting human imagination for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, there are records of puppets as early as the 21st century BC, while in Greece, mud puppets can be traced back to at least 200 BC. Of course, dolls are not only children's toys, but also items with spiritual, family and supernatural values. This is a fuzzy difference between then and now.

These fuzzy distinctions are explored in an exhibition with "Alternatives for Love" as one of the central themes. At the Prada Foundation in Milan, the exhibition featured 42 works by contemporary American photographers Jamie Diamond and Elena Dorfman, documenting many personal lives—from laymen’s female artists to real dolls Lovers, and their emotional investment in love dolls.

FIRE sex dolls

But it is nothing new for photographers to use Life Size Sex Doll as a prop or subject. In the mid-20th century, Boston artist Morton Bartlett took pictures of plaster dolls, and more recently, Laurie Simmons, Elizabeth Jaeger-LeCoultre and Ovid Bistowin added It is famous for its human-like portraits.

Exhibition curator Melissa Harris told Vogue: "I like the works of Jamie and Elena because their respective visions and works are full of humanity." As a contributing editor of the foundation, Harris said The work of these two photographers generated interest and saw an opportunity for them to have a dialogue, "Look at how they contacted each other, what they have in common, and what they have in common in other directions."

The exhibition includes Diamond's "Forever Mother" series (2012-2018), which is an intimate portrayal of "rebirth" by a group of self-taught female artists who handmade, collect and interact with super-realistic real dolls. The reasons why these women are so obsessed are different, but they mainly revolve around a kind of "empty nest syndrome." These photos capture the affectionate moments of the protagonist and their physical dolls, which seem to be a sympathetic and secret depiction. "Working with the team allows me to explore the gray area between reality and technique, where relationships are constructed from inanimate objects," Diamond said. 

6YE doll

In "Nine Months of Rebirth" (2014), the 35-year-old Brooklyn artist uses Cindy Sherman's own methods to portray himself as the protagonist. This interesting series depicts Diamond wearing a bob wig, walking through various social environments with a mini sex doll named Annabel: from the restaurant terrace to the train and swimming pool. These works are inspired by the artist's own childhood and are named after her diary. They explore the ways in which girls are socialized in order to construct a specific attitude towards motherhood, and at the same time echo the artist's research on groups.

At the same time, Los Angeles artist Elena Dorfman focused her attention on the doll as a substitute for romance and sexual partners. In her series "Still Lovers" (2001-2004), the 54-year-old artist records the family lives of men and women who are dedicated to making life-size, human-like physical dolls. "It is fascinating to create it, because I have never seen anything like this before." Dorfman said. "Those who like to use dolls instead of humans are very attractive to me, both then and now."

Bezlya Love Doll

Although the photographic works in the exhibition do show a profound humanity, there is also a view that they characterize people who are already living on the margins of society. Harris explained: “I am not interested in hyping a topic, exploiting anyone, or further marginalizing groups that are already isolated and judged.” Both artists went deep into their groups, won the trust of the group, and spent a lot of money. Time is with the depicted individual. "

When our relationship with artificial intelligence technology has attracted unprecedented attention, the alternative to love provides a vision that is both timely and timeless for humans. Although this two-way dialogue appropriately solves the multi-faceted potential of TPE Love Doll as a substitute for emotional attachment, it does not leave much room to fully participate in the dialogue that always exists for future generations. But then again, if the physical doll is used to play, then it must have ideas as well as fantasy.

Publication: 24/08/2021 06:43

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