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Why are so many people looking for the young girl silicone doll?

Why are so many people looking for the young girl silicone doll?
Silicone dolls, whether they are life-size or young girls, are similar to people, but they need to use lubricating oil. When you first look at Realistic sex doll, they will feel more beautiful than real people. The disadvantage is also that there is no human body temperature. And the face is easy to get dirty. Human skin receives dust and grows out of the body by itself. Silicone doll's skin receives dust, and there are more and more spots. If it is not properly protected, it will not be easy to wash after a long time. And the density of sex is uncontrollable, because it is not like people will oppose it. I don’t know whether it’s harmful to the human body. As for products, it varies from person to person.

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There is no absolutely good product, and there is no absolutely bad product. It mainly depends on personal preference. Everyone feels different. After all, he is not you? Our advice to users is that nothing can be absolute. Maybe you use it well, but others use it not necessarily in this way. What do you think bbw sex doll? I am also very entangled. Go to the young lady. I am so sorry for my girlfriend. She is a good girl who is simple and kind. If that happens, no matter whether she finds it or not, I will feel very sorry for her when I am with her. For the sake of our conscience, we still buy a sex doll to put love。

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In the eyes of most people, if you have a girlfriend, then we don’t need sex dolls, but this view is absolutely blind to Tarzan. Generally, men who have this idea just treat sex dolls as TPE sex doll .According to statistics from the editor, , Among the customers who buy silicone dolls, there are girlfriends or wives and other fixed sexual partners, the proportion is about 40%.

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This data clearly answers the question "Does any girlfriend still need silicone dolls" in the title, and the answer is obvious. Why do men who have regular sexual partners such as girlfriends/wifes also need anime sex doll? According to the oral statements of these customers, the main reasons are as follows: 1. For some men with particularly strong sexual desires, their girlfriends or wives cannot fully satisfy their sexual desires. Many times they want them, but the other half don’t want them. Or I hope that my sex life will be more exciting, but the other half has absolutely no ideas in this regard. 2. Girlfriend/wife is busy at work and unable to have a normal regular sex life (gender equality, women pursuing independence and even strong career women) 3. Frequent business trips (staggered with girlfriend or wife's work and life time, but wife is very busy after returning from business trip )/4. Girlfriend/wife refuses to have sex with oneself (such as disgusting oneself for being insecure, unachievable, or other objective reasons). The above is better understandable.

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Of course, most of our customers are female customers. The reason they revealed is that their girlfriends/wives are mentally unable to communicate, or they often have conflicts, which is annoying, so they buy silicone dolls to vent their desires, and even use silicone The doll as a spiritual companion! In the editor’s opinion, there may be the following reasons for a girlfriend who buys cheap sex dolls : Because she is relatively home (such as playing games or surfing the Internet), she is not very harmonious with the so-called girlfriend. Buying silicone dolls can be accompanied by long-term companionship. Own! If you have a girlfriend, but you have one or a few thoughts or questions mentioned above, then maybe you should consider-do I also need silicone dolls?

Publication: 24/09/2021 01:24

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