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The impact of sex doll for sale
By combining creative photography, character social media posts, and, more recently, deepfake videos, these sex doll for sale photographers are working to bring synthetic women in their lives as close to organic as possible.

The blonde sex doll community started out as a joke.

In 2016, US-based blonde sex doll commentator T opened an Instagram account for his synthetic partner Celestina after reading a tabloid article about a woman who had plastic surgery to look like a sex doll. T wanted to see if Celestina, a brunette doll who often wore pixie cuts and glasses, could gain more followers on Instagram than love doll admirers. Within a few months, Celestina was successful.

By filming and sharing European sex dolls, they gained the money and self-assurance of Gengduyo.

Being a European sex doll photographer is a lot of work. These inorganic subjects—almost always white women—still end up being sex dolls, which is easy to see in the photos of inexperienced owners, and when OKsexdoll is heavily promoting it, it’s even easier to own a famous doll to shoot.

Their goal is to give their dolls depth and personality so they can show other community members and the wider world how the dolls appear through their eyes. If the owner can make some money from the pursuit, so much the better.

Like a flesh-and-blood influencer, the doll's platform can be monetized. For most, this comes from working with doll makers.
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