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High-Fidelity Graphics

In the pursuit of ultra-realistic graphics, video games have come a long way. PC gaming companies like Nvidia and AMD have made great strides in creating graphics cards. That allow for high-fidelity gaming and techniques like ray tracing. In the past, things like shadows and reflections and lens flares were essentially painted onto objects within the game. This gave the illusion that light was coming from the sun or moon and reacting as it would when it hit a surface. With ray tracing, an algorithm basically allows it to actually do just that.

The technology is expected to be a game changer — if only consumers are able to get their hands on it. A chip shortage has plagued the industry for much of 2020 and 2021. That’s mostly due to the sudden rise in popularity of cryptocurrency mining, which relies on the same hardware. But not all games of the future will be designed for such realistic graphics. Especially not card games like Spider Solitaire or Klondike.

The way Mack sees it, there are two distinct routes game developers can take when it comes to graphics. One approach is what you see happening in major triple-A games. Which is to hire tons of visual artists and technicians to supply vast amounts of art for high-fidelity graphics. That means big budgets, big teams and increasingly realistic graphics, down to every last speck of dirt. The other approach is to produce a more stylized — in some cases cartoonish — aesthetic for your game. That way, the costs stay down but the game still looks cool and dodges the criticism: “It doesn’t look realistic!” Mack said this approach is becoming more and more common in the mobile VR space.

Publication: 12 April 8:02

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