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7 Reasons to Buy The Apple Watch Series 5

If you're reading this, you're probably considering purchasing an Apple Watch or simply upgrading to the most recent Apple Watch Series 5 in 2021, or you're simply curious.

Let me explain why you should keep reading this article before I answer these questions. This 7 reasons to Buy or Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 5 is the last stop before making that final decision, whether you're a geek, a devoted customer, or simply interested by the Apple Watch Series 5.

The purpose of this post is not to sell you something, but to explain how the Apple Watch Series 5 can benefit you in your daily life and, more importantly, what value it can bring.

Bonus: Read all the way to the end for some seriously cool Apple Watch Series 5 options.

Should You Get The Apple Watch

Major Fashion Icon that fits ANY look!

The Apple Watch is more than a watch; it is a fashion icon, having won prizes such as the 2015 iF Design Gold Award (design Oscar) and the 2017 Apple Design Award.

However, fashion is subjective; different individuals have different tastes, and Apple has nailed this by designing a watch with interchangeable bands that can radically transform the look! So, if you're looking for a watch to wear on any occasion, this is the watch for you! You can even use your previous Apple Watch band with the new one if you already have one.

We recommend visiting Apple's interactive galleryreasons to buy an apple watch to have a better understanding of the Series 5 bands and model. You may check out every potential combination of a model with the bands and even the digital face thanks to the customization possibilities. Apple has made certain that there is a watch for everyone!

When it comes to the face, it's completely customizable! Apple's Explorer face is completely configurable, allowing you to see changes on your watch while making changes on your iPhone.

Color, dial, and layout can all be customized to your liking.

Seamless ‘Explorer’ LTE Cellular Connectivity without an iPhone!

The Apple Watch has changed the way we think about timepieces today. It's a gorgeous blend of design and wearable technology that instantly identifies as a strong fashion statement, but that's not all. Apple has continued to disrupt the industry by developing a smartwatch that works without an iPhone and connects to an LTE network. To use your Apple Watch Series 5 without your iPhone, simply connect your iPhone and Apple Watch Series 5 to a cellular network.

Are you out of range? You may now access all of the capabilities on your Apple Watch by connecting to any Wi-Fi network you've previously connected to. Why should you buy an Apple Watch?

Smartwatches were initially presented by Apple in 2015. Smart-watches are no longer a new technology; it's no longer adequate to answer calls or track your heartbeat with a watch; LTE connectivity has eliminated the need for smart-phones.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has cellular LTE connectivity, which means you can use your Apple Watch without having to have your iPhone with you. So, by merely connecting to a cellular network and Wi-Fi, your watch can do practically everything your iPhone can!

Apple Music fully integrated

The iconic Apple Music has been a big update with the Apple Watch Series 5. That's correct, you can now listen to 40 million songs from the palm of your hand!

Responsive Siri that finally talks!

On the Apple Watch Series 3, Siri is available. We had a negative experience with Siri not working properly on earlier Apple products, notably not being able to converse, which was unfortunate because Siri is very much a trademark of Apple. However, Siri is fully optimized in the Apple Watch Series 5 and, more crucially, it can converse with you! It's virtually as excellent as the iPhone in terms of responsiveness, which is considerably better than the prior Apple Watch series.

An App for almost ANY thing!

App ecosystem for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 5 is a fifth-generation Apple smartwatch that runs on watch OS 5, which means it has a huge selection of apps. Weather, working out, productivity, sports, notes, and even unlocking your automobile are all available as apps. There's an app for virtually everything these days! So, if you're intending on using your smartwatch a lot, the Apple Watch 5 might be the way to go.

A smart-watch that performs like an iPhone

With the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS capability, you can track your laps in the pool. Apple Watch Series 5 is the company's most responsive smartwatch. It's up to 2x faster than before, and it's made navigation very snappy, whether you're using graphics-intensive apps like maps or hopping between apps. It just doesn't look good; it works, and it works well, just like an iPhone.

The following are some of the most notable additions of the Apple Watch Series 5:

·         32 GB Storage

·         64-bit dual-core S5 processor

·         W3 Chip offering seamless connectivity like the Air pods

·         Bluetooth 5.0 that doubles data transfer and increases speed

·         GPS and Alt-meter that lets you track the location and even measure it

·         Up to 18 hours of battery life

As a result, you're not just getting a smartwatch; you're getting something that's virtually as good as an iPhone.

A tech timepiece that’s made to last long

Although the smartwatch boasts cutting-edge technology, it will seldom break because the Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular is made of scratch-resistant stainless steel, making it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. So, if you want anything to pass on to your grandchildren, this is most likely it.

Apple also has a really great looking ceramic model that comes in two colors: grey and white, for those high-end users.

Apple Watch Series 5 a ‘smart-coach’ for sports lovers

With improvements to its tracking capabilities and an overall more exercise-friendly watch, Apple continues to disrupt the Apple Watch Series 5 in the direction of fitness.

1.       Water resistant Swimming proof smart-watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 can be used for shallow water activities such as swimming in a pool or the ocean, according to Apple and user studies. Scuba diving, water skiing, and other high-velocity water activities are not recommended. Its Altimeter also allows you to monitor and measure your laps and distance when swimming, so take it to the pool.

2.       You can take it on a hike!

Purchase a Series 3 Apple Watch. My altitude App on the Apple Watch Series 5 measures your height. The Apple Watch Series 5's altimeter employs GPS technology to detect your altitude, which is quite useful if you enjoy hiking. This timepiece will literally motivate you to scale mountains.

3.       Always tracking your activity (steps)

When life gets in the way, you might not be able to make it to the gym, but instead of being frustrated, the Apple Watch Series 5's tracking technology can count your steps and compute calories burned. If you've had a long day doing a variety of chores, you'll at least know how many calories you've expended, which may be more than you planned.

4.       Motivational messages to keep you motivated throughout the day

Like a coach you're pals with, the watch literally delivers you encouraging messages throughout the day on your wrist. It reminds you to complete activities and get things done while you're exercising. It's clichéd, but it's like having a friend.

5.       Fully configurable fitness app:

The Apple Watch Series 5 fitness app may be modified to suit your sport level and maintained simple. So, if you're seeking for a smartwatch that can be used for multiple sports and is well-suited to your individual demands, the Apple Series 5 watch is for you.

Best third-party friendly App Ecosystem

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating as yet another reason to buy the Apple Watch Series 5. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but Tim Cook debuted the Apple Watch after Steve Jobs. With the changeable straps and, more crucially, easy third-party integration, it is, in my opinion, Apple's most open-ended device to date. This open-ended nature has prompted developers to create Apple Watch apps for almost anything, and there will undoubtedly be more in the future. On this alone, the Apple Watch outperforms all competitors.

So, if you're searching for a smartwatch with a lot of support from third-party developers as well as Apple, this is the smartwatch for you.

Get it if you’re an Early Adopter

Smart-watch wearable technology is still in its infancy, and while the Apple Watch Series 5 is undoubtedly the finest on the market at doing what it sets out to do, it's still in its infancy. Because technology isn't flawless, there will be some faults and issues.

If you're looking for cutting-edge technology, though, you won't be disappointed. Furthermore, you will be a part of the massive process of developing and improving tomorrow's technologies.

So Are You Getting The An Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch Series 5 has some notable features, but it is still expensive for a smartwatch. However, as an utilitarian timepiece, it is perhaps the best on the market, which justifies the price.

It's well-made, long-lasting, and easy to customize to one's liking. It is undoubtedly the first smartwatch to include a few features, and it will only improve from here.

Best Apple Watch Alternative

Support for wireless charging: When it comes to charging smartwatches wirelessly, Samsung is ahead of Apple. Frontier is the smartwatch for you if you want to charge it using a wireless dock.

The Frontier looks really damn beautiful, especially with its rotating and highly user-friendly spinning bezel with a nice navigation, if you're looking for something that's simply a classy elegant watch.

If you're on a budget, the Frontier is a good option because you can purchase a stainless steel robust model for $399, which would otherwise cost over $499 for the Apple Watch Series 5.

Simple functionality: The rotating bezel on the Gear Sport makes it easier to navigate around the OS because it provides little haptic input when you scroll the bezel. It also gives cover to the Apple Watch's screen, which is otherwise entirely exposed and susceptible.

Although the purpose of this post is to persuade you to purchase the Apple Watch Series 5, In addition, I'll discuss the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, which, in my opinion, is the Best IO Games on Apple Watch Alternative in 2021. It is less expensive and can perform nearly all of the functions of the Apple Watch.

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