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Ramiro Rodriguez 32 followers OfflineRamiro Rodriguez
United States
I sometimes write press releases. I'm currently working on a website named Original Press Releases.
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Thanks to all of you for requesting to connect with me on this site. I'm sorry about being a little late.

I haven't been using e-nautia too much this year. Hopefully I will get busy and enjoy the site
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I created this image more than 3 years ago and I always come across it like I did today?
Blue Header Image for WebsiteBlue Header Image for Website
JPEG picture
This image can be used as a header for a web page or an entire site.
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James: Dear Ramiro Rodriguez,

I contacting you from Switzerland and i have an important information that requires your urgent attention. i will advise that you kindly contact me on immediately to enable me give your more details.

Hugo Moritz Esq
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Phillip Oduoza76: life
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I created this image an hour or so ago. It is okay to use almost anywhere.
Man InsideMan Inside
PNG picture
There appears to be two faces in this pic.
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I just uploaded a lot of GIF images. Download as many as you want to do whatever you want with the content.
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General profile updated
07/02/2017 10:38 - Public
This is a collection of GIF images I've created.
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150×150-ramiro-rodriguez-aka-ricoramiro (2)
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The Cloud Today isn't the Same as Yesterday
When I was a small child in grade school in the United States, we studied the clouds, the rain and air pollution as well as a few other subjects. That'…
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I'm in! Glad to be here.
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