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The Cloud Today isn't the Same as Yesterday
When I was a small child in grade school in the United States, we studied the clouds, the rain and air pollution as well as a few other subjects. That's when I learned that public buses and automobiles discharged pollution into the atmosphere. Back then, we called it black smoke, we didn't call it pollution.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  Before school commenced that year, I had a really good summer vacation because my older brother went away and I had the room all to myself. I've always had a pretty good imagination, especially as a child.  One morning as I opened my little eyes I observed a cloud coming straight towards my window. I immediately thought of God and the wonderful things I was experiencing.

Something in School Reminded Me of the Cloud

That morning I lay in bed watching the clouds for hours hoping the one that was approaching my window would come back. It didn't. And I soon forgot about that experience until something in school sparked the memory.

When school commenced that September 9th, 1974 (a long time ago), we got straight down to business. I admired my teacher Mr. Vasquez, because I learned everything that was required simply by watching him write on the board and by listening to his lectures. He was a great teacher. I learned to read Spanish that year and I still know how to read the language.  

Not long after we got into the groove of going to class and doing homework, Mr. Vasquez began teaching us about the environment. That's when I learned about the buses and combustible engine pollution. 

God Doesn't Live in the Clouds

I also learned about the clouds and that God really did not live there. It was a disappointment to learn God didn't live in the clouds like everyone suggested, so I quickly surmised he must live close by and the angles used the clouds to move between heaven and earth.

Today, the word 'cloud' holds a very different meaning for me and I no longer think of God living there when I hear that word.  Today it is upload and download as well as cloud storage and public or private cloud.

We live in amazing times.  I'm glad I was able to witness the changing of the millennium and the changing of humanity as the cloud has brought us just a little bit closer to each-other.
Publication: 06/01/2017 16:22

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