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Shawn Venasse 8 followers OfflineShawn Venasse
Artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, general fun guy and a super successful Real Estate Sales Representative & Buyer Specialist in Toronto residential Real Estate.
Toronto, Canada
Working for over 25-years in real estate, the last nearly 22-years of which were spent with the award-winning The Elli Davis Team at Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd, Brokerage providing top-notch assistance & consulting to Buyers and Sellers looking for TORONTO real estate!
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Canada's new government is once again The Liberal Party under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau and The Liberal Party win re-election in Canada!
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Canada voted and re-elected Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister and The Liberal Party as our government - in a minority position - but the government nevertheless. Hoping for the best!
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General profile updated
23/12/2018 22:33 - Public
New hobby
23/12/2018 22:33 - Public
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