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However, with the popularity of wireless network, there are some bad effects. For example, hackers can easily steal data from your computer through the wireless network. Or track your through the smart device's camera.
This may sound like an alarmist, but this is likely to occur. And it's not uncommon in Europe and North America. This is the reason why we need to use the WiFi jammer.

Turn on this device, you can completely cut off the wireless signal transmission. Can effectively prevent hackers through the wireless network invasion of your computer or smart device. You don't have to worry about your cyber security and your privacy.
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How to use cell phone jammer in prison
GSM jammer are introduced in American prisons
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In the modern era any person of the world needs to protect the private information, because the leakage of serious negotiations, for example, can lead to large material losses and other problems with not good consequences. Intellectual property is very expensive today and this is one of the main reasons why it should be protected. To steal important data, scammers and employees of competing enterprises use eavesdropping devices. GSM frequency disruptor should be used to neutralize them.
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