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Game Eggy Car instructions
Welcome to the entertainment world called Eggy Car. This is the funniest game right now. To win, you must transport the egg as far as you can. You shouldn't just throw it on the ground like that! The route is rocky and cuts directly through a few hills. There are still many difficulties to overcome. You have as much time as you can to gently swerve back and forth and keep the egg from escaping the vehicle. This vehicle may be operated successfully in both safe and risky environments thanks to its highly nuanced accelerating and reversing skills. To prevent your valuables from flying off and shattering on the road, ease up on the throttle when you approach corners. Coins are all over the floor. Your hard-earned money can be used to purchase an increasing number of automobiles the more you have of it. 
Publication: 21 April 6:44

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