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The Purpose of a Cat Scratching Post and How to Choose One

Cats scratch and that is a general truth. It is in their natural instincts, and no matter what you do and how you plan to avoid it, it will happen. Many owners are frustrated that they end up with damaged furniture and sofas, but the truth is that they don’t pay much attention to teaching their feline on how to use a cat scratcher. They must invest in one to redirect their behavior.

Nowadays, there are so many models, so many materials used, and so many techniques, that make it easier to convince your furry friend to scratch the right element. Vertical scratchers exist, for cats that prefer to pamper their claws on carpets. On the other hand, a cat scratching post is best recommended for cats to stretch their backs, and to put some effort into the action.  

How a Cat Scratcher Helps

Perhaps you might not think of buying a cat scratcher  from the beginning, but sooner than you know, your kitty will sharpen their claws on your favorite furniture. Scratching is a part of your cat’s daily life, and this type of equipment becomes essential in every household. While you protect your furniture, the cat will have the opportunity to maintain their physical health and general wellbeing. Stretching out muscles is essential, and there are so many posts and models to choose from.

When you have a pet, you want to make sure you protect their health, and you want to do everything to welcome it in your home and offer all essentials. For humans, scratching is not very pleasant, but it is an activity that benefits their claws, keeping them in good shape. The outer layer of the nail gets damaged or dies, and when the kitty uses the scratcher, they file the damaged areas.

Another great benefit is reducing stress levels. Cats also get stressed, especially if they face new situations and environments, if they switch homes, if a new cat or pet is introduced in the family, if they get too bored, and such. Scratching helps reduce stress, and if you have more than one cat in your home, it is best to purchase a cat scratcher for each, so they can use it whenever they want, without fighting over territory.

A Cat Scratching Post Helps Energetic Cats

Kittens have a lot of built-in energy, and if they don’t have a chance to release it, they will behave wrongly, and develop unwanted actions. Once they have to reach a cat scratching post , play with it, stretch, and scratch, they can release some of the energy, and they will feel better overall. To make things even more interesting for them, add some toys to the scratcher, so they can play even more, and practice their hunting abilities.

After they take long naps, cats love to stretch, and it is even better when they have their own place, to extend their full bodies. Once they do this, they release good hormones, and they mark their territory through the scent released from paw pad glands. With so many models available on the market, it may be hard to choose the right one for your kitty, but the great aspect is that you can purchase one that complements your home design as well.

What to choose

Once you decide to buy a cat scratching post, you need to go through the models, and pick the right one. Horizontal and vertical posts exist, of different heights, made from different materials, with carpet or sisal on them, hanging toys, even rest areas, and more. If you want to indulge your cat, know that entire assemblies exist, on multiple levels, real playgrounds for your beloved feline.

Cats should be able to reach the post, so don’t choose one that it is too high or one that wobbles, otherwise you will notice they don’t even get near it. The material from which the post is made from matters greatly. There are cardboard versions available, which are great for kitties to express their joy on, but the disadvantage is that they have to be replaced regularly. Many felines like to stand on cardboard scratchers and shred them apart.

More than one cat scratcher  

No one says that you must have only one cat scratcher in your home. You can add one in every room of the house, and allow your cat to enjoy multiple versions, both vertical and horizontal. Sisal is one of the preferred materials, considering the great surface it provides, it is very durable, and will last for a while. It provides a similar feeling for your feline as if they were scratching a tree, outside.

A vertical scratching post is most preferred by cat owners, due to stretching and relaxing muscles aspect, but horizontal versions should not be overlooked either. Take into account kitties that consider vertical models too large and difficult to use. Also, senior cats are unable to stretch that much, due to reduced mobility and joint pain. They prefer horizontal scratchers, as they are much more comfortable.

Where to Look for a Cat Scratching Post

Pet shops are the best places to find high-quality and diverse scratching posts. Especially if you buy online, you benefit from even more models, and you can easily pamper your feline with something great. Standard designs are wrapped in carpet or sisal, while others are colored, they have plenty accessories, beds and hammocks attached. Your cat can use the cat scratching post to play, stretch, and rest.

The price range depends on how basic the model is, from which material it is manufactured, how large, and complex it is. Consider a location within the house where you will position the post, evaluate the available space, and figure out how big the post can be. Online, you will find a description for every model, specifying the height and length, so you know exactly what you buy, and what to expect. Once the product arrives, install it, and watch your feline companion make the most of it.

Publication: 15/05/2022 15:20

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