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Simplify your life with e-nautia! Find practical, useful, available solutions for all internet users. Take advantage of a unique space for easily communicating and sharing photos, videos, or any other type of file with your contacts only or with the whole world. e-nautia aims to be intuitive and to accompany you to make your Internet experience better.


The discovery of e-nautia

· why choose e-nautia?
· improve my security on the Internet
· buttons and logos: make a link
· the story of an electronic world
· news and press: newsletter, social media…
· adopt e-nautia as startpage
· API for developers

Manage my account

· monetize my content
· show the statistics
· manage my external e-mail address and my mobile phone number
· manage notifications, invitations and advertising preferences
· change my password
· delete my e-nautia account
· recover my identifier and my password if omitted

Manage my files

· questions
· share files
· monetize my files
· use FTP access

Manage my e-mails

· questions
· messaging software or a smartphone
· use your own domain name


· contact us, make share of your comments or your suggestions
· report an abusive or illicit content
· follow network interventions and disturbances

Legal documents

· general terms
· legal information
· privacy policy and data processing

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