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The Top Security mail solution

Discover the most giant free e-mail service.
Do not be left behind!

Unlimited storage space

Discover the first e-mail service to be offered free unlimited space.
Exchange files that can reach several gigabytes.
e-nautia removes your limits!

Complete and secure

Discover one of the first e-mail services making all its ports and its webmail available by SSL/TLS.
Retrieve e-mails from your old box. Export and import your contacts.
Use the mail client of your choice on computer or mobile.

Friendly and convenient

See how to manage your e-mails and folders by drag-and-drop.
Use the custom sort to automatically file your e-mails.
Enjoy the preview pane and the quick search.
Be notified almost instantly on the website or by SMS (in option) of the arrival of new e-mails.


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