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How to Choose the Best Bird Toys?

Birds love to play. To create the perfect conditions for development, you need to buy them toys. Fortunately, there is a wide range of bird toys that you can buy. Whether you buy them online or offline, it is a fun experience you will enjoy. Continue reading this article and find out how to choose the most suitable parrot toys.

Why are Toys Important for Birds?

The toys that birds play with are more than just a way of spending their hours. Giving them toys has benefits for the health of birds. They are brilliant animals, and toys are essential for maintaining their mental health and physical agility. In addition, they encourage physical activity and stimulate their curiosity. It’s critical to make sure you choose only safe toys that can’t put their health at risk. It is also recommended not to put too many toys in the cage. Choose the ones your bird loves because their role is to maintain their health and physical activity. They do not have a decorative function.

Choose your Parrot Toys According to his Personality

Considering your bird’s personality is an excellent place to start when choosing Parrot Toys. There are about 350 known species of parrots that surprise us with their colorful plumage. To make the right choice, observe the behavior of your bird. Be careful if she has a preference for specific material or color. She may like to break, chew, or disassemble toys. Some birds prefer toys that make noises, such as bells. Others love to do acrobatics or hang upside down. Some birds climb on drapes or other objects in the house, while some hide behind toys.

Of course, some birds prefer to spend their time tearing paper or weaving materials through the cage bars. Last but not least, others love to solve puzzles. You can choose the best bird toys depending on your bird’s favorite activity. If you have bought a toy your bird does not prefer, it is best to find a better one. Although birds may be initially skeptical when they have a new toy, they will be eager to try it once they become familiar with it.

The Size of your Bird

Small birds need a specific type of toys, while bigger ones can play with larger toys. Therefore, the size of birds is an essential criterion for choosing the toys. Bird toys are available in several sizes, such as:

  • Small size - which is perfect for very small birds such as fiches and canaries;
  • Very small size - suitable for small birds, including parrotlets and pigeons;
  • Small size - they are ideal for small birds, such as Senegal, cockatiels, caiques, and rainbow lorikeets;
  • Medium size - they are ideal for larger birds such as Timneh Gray, Jardines, Mini Macaws;
  • Large size - the perfect choice for larger birds such as Congo Gray and cockatoos;
  • Very large size - recommended for larger birds, like Macaws.

If you choose parrot toys according to their size, make sure that the toys are safe and there is no risk of injury. Many manufacturers offer their clients recommendations that make it easier for you to choose the right products.

Types of Bird Toys

There are many types of birds toys you can choose from, as follows:

·        Foot toys

The bird's foot is built to grasp, hold and manipulate objects. Foot toys are the most suitable to allow them to exercise enough, especially for captive birds. They will enable them to exercise their feet and improve agility. You can find a variety of this type of toy, and in high demand are those made of wood. These are friendly, being an excellent choice to determine your bird to exercise in their cage. Choose the foot toys in the right shape and size to give them fun daily training.

·        Exercise toys

Birds are very active creatures that need as much movement as possible to keep themselves healthy. They can fly long distances and like to climb and play daily. Good choices for Bird Toys are the ones that allow them to train their back and legs, such as swings and bungees. With such a toy, your bird will strengthen its chest muscles. Use toys with ladders and ropes to exercise their ability to climb. A great idea is a tree-shaped toy that will convince them to move as much as possible.

·        Chewing Toys

Birds that live in the wild love to chew during the day, especially during mating when nesting. Among the best Parrot Toys are the ones designed for chewing. Whether made from leather or wood, they create a healthy natural environment for birds. Keep in mind that chewing is a natural activity for birds that is necessary to keep them healthy. If the weaker wood or leather is suitable for smaller birds, the larger ones prefer harder wood. Don’t expect a toy to last a long life. Birds like to demolish the thins. It is natural to find the chewing toys you buy destroyed. It just means they served the purpose for which they were designed.

·        Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are not only suitable for children but also for birds. Because they are intelligent and curious, they love educational trick toys. They also like to open knots or open food doors. Buy puzzle toys for your bird that will capture his attention and stimulate his intelligence. There are a variety of parrot toys explicitly designed for stimulating birds. They attract by color and function, so your bird will quickly fall in love with them.

Put Emphasis on Quality

Quality is crucial, regardless of the type of product you are buying. Make sure you buy only entirely safe quality products. Choose bird toys in the right size, made of quality materials, that comply with all safety rules. They must stimulate the birds to exercise and play to maintain their mental health without risking their health. Your bird will have plenty of fun with the most attractive toys.

Publication: 07/07/2022 05:16

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