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Why should you choose Ziwi peak food for your furry companion?

Ziwi Peak dog food or Ziwi peak cat food are the best choices for your furry friends. The reason? The dried formula. Your kitty is going to love the taste of chicken, lamb or dried tripe. The choice is yours. Canned or not, our products are always preservatives and glycerine free.

How do you choose the best food for your pet? For instance, they need calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Keep in mind to avoid products with dyes that make the food more appealing. Fresh meat can be beneficial for dogs. However, it is essential for felines.

You can buy any type of Ziwi Peak dog food in a sack or canned. Same goes for Ziwi Peak cat food. Whichever option you chose, you can be sure your pet will love it!

Fresh meat is beneficial for your dog

When it comes to dogs, not all of them are going to “be into” fresh meat. The raw meat diet was invented by Ian Billinghurst, in 1993. He was an Australian veterinarian. Since your beloved pet is an omnivore, its digestive system is processing fresh meat more efficiently. 

What are the benefits of feeding your dog fresh meat? First of all, its fur is going to be softer and shinier. That is because it contains fresh fat, protein, vitamin E and Zinc. Second, the digestion is going to be improved by the nutrients absorbed into the system. In the case of dogs, fresh meat takes only one hour to be processed.

Cats can eat bones, too

Shall you decide to feed your cat with bones, there are some rules you have to follow. First of all, they have to be raw. The reason is that cooked bones can cause internal damage. Just like dogs, cats are fond of chewing things, which leads to stronger teeth and gums. However, you should avoid the bones you feed to your canine pal. For cats, raw chicken bones, salmon and sardines are the most suitable choices. 

For safety reasons, never leave your cat alone while it's eating a bone. Also, check its teeth and gums regularly to ensure there’s no damage caused.

Dogs “don’t like” salmon, sushi or tuna

Seafood contains omega-3, low fat and high protein. When it comes to dogs, there are only some types of seafood that they can eat. Before you feed it to your little friend, remember to always prepare it the right way. Among the foods that are beneficial for dogs, we have: salmon, sardines, herring and seaweed. However, you should never let your favorite animal next to fish bones, smoked/raw salmon, sushi or tuna.

Dogs need carbohydrates. However, the sugar found in sweets is pretty harmful to them. It can cause obesity, dental issues and inflammation throughout the body (which will lead to arthritis, dermatitis, pancreatitis, etc ). As you may already know, chocolate is toxic for dogs. They can’t digest theobromine, which is found in dark chocolate. Therefore, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, panting or even death.

Chocolate can be lethal to cats, too. To avoid any dangers, there are some rules you have to follow:

Make sure to keep the sweets locked away and secure your trash can. Also, it’s very important to educate your children. Tell them why dogs and cats can’t eat sweets and the consequences it will cause. If your pet already had some sugar, call the veterinarian right away. The biggest mistake you can make is to wait until it shows symptoms.

The benefits of choosing Ziwi peak dog food or Ziwi cat food

By choosing Ziwi peak dog food or Ziwi peak cat food, your furry friend's health is going to improve. For example, the skin disease caused by chemicals and preservatives is going to vanish. Also, your pet is less likely to become obese. Animal protein is crucial for cats. Therefore, an ideal product – like Ziwi peak cat food – should contain a higher percentage of animal products, such as lamb, chicken or dried tripe. If you choose to give chicken to a cat or dog, make sure to avoid any oils and seasonings. Onion and garlic, especially, are toxic to cats (according to

Natural foods contain whole grains, instead of sugary carbohydrates.

According to Tim Julien, it is a mistake to treat your cat as a small dog and feed it accordingly. Because cats are obligate carnivores, your beloved furry friend needs to have a nutritionally balanced diet. Also, you need to consider the life stage of your cat.

Ziwi Peak cat food and Ziwi peak dog food have no artificial colors. This aspect alone makes those sortiments the best choice, especially if your pet has allergies or sensitivities. You don't have to worry about bacteria! The pathogenic formula takes care of it all.

How to choose the best cat food

For felines, meat is a key component. Also, they need calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Last but not least, you should avoid foods that contain dyes to make them look more appealing.  If you have a kitten, you should look for the special food in the supermarket. All the cat food is going to be labeled with " kitten", "senior", "adult" or "geriatric". This way, it is easier to choose an option.

Kitten food, for example, is suited for cats under the age of one. For instance, it is richer in nutrients than any cat food there is: it provides all your little friend needs in order to have healthy growth. All assortments of Ziwi Peak cat food and dog food are fit for any life stage your companion might be in.

Kitten food isn’t safe for adult cats

When should you start feeding your cat adult food? According to experts, by the end of age one. However, you don't need special "kitten" or adult cat food. You can simply buy one that is labeled " all life stages". Beware, however: adult cat food is safe for kittens, but kitten food isn't safe for adults since it is formulated for growth and has extra nutritional supplements. Adults are less active than a little kitty, so your cat is going to gain weight if they follow this type of diet.


Fresh meat, seafood and bones are all beneficial for your pet. The fresh fat, protein, vitamin E and Zinc are all going to improve not only its looks, but also its digestive system. However, sweets can be lethal. Of course, you want to keep your beloved furry partner in crime safe and healthy. This is why Ziwi peak dog food or Ziwi peak cat food is the best option: it contains a higher percentage of animal products (lamb/chicken/dried tripe) and is preservative-free.

Publication: 08/07/2022 07:29

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