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Cambrian Pro Desktop Rubber 3D Printer Review

Cambrian Pro 3D Printer that supports TPR filament, has appeared on Atomstack Store and has become so popular.

Atomstack 3D Printer

Printing flexible filaments is a challenge with most 3D printers. The Cambrian Pro not only has a direct drive extruder, it was even designed specifically for flexible filaments. Even the rubber-like TPR filament can be printed flawlessly by the Cambrian Pro, although it is much more flexible and stretchable than TPU.

This Cambrian 3D printer was not only developed for the hobby area, it is also suitable for professional use due to its high quality. Its ability to print flexible filaments makes it interesting for a variety of applications.

I’ve been hands-on testing this 3D printer and in this detailed review, I’ll show you what it can offer you and how it handles the rubbery TPR filament.

tpr material

Cambrian Pro offers a 2.85mm extruder for TPR filament as well as a 1.75mm extruder for standard filament. Cambrian Pro’s 2.85mm extruder is specifically designed to avoid nozzle clogging, making it ideal for molding rubber products such as shoe soles, balls, and other parts that require elasticity and resilience.

The creator, Atomstack, also offers a high modulus TPR filament with a hardness of 50-70A, which is about the hardness of a car tire, and a restorative factor of over 50%. In addition to TPR, Cambrian can also use general filaments such as PLA, ABS, TPE, and TPU.

It is a portal-shaped Cambrian Pro 3D Printer made of aluminum alloy. It has a neat design with no exposed cables. Data can be loaded via SD card or online, and it is operated via a 4.3-inch touch panel.

The Cambrian Pro is 462 x 452 x 635 mm in size, weighs 9.5 kg, and has a build size of 235 x 235 x 250 mm. The power supply voltage is 100-240V, the positioning accuracy is 100-300µm in both XY and Z axes, the stacking pitch is 100-300µm, and the build speed is 100mm/sec.

Publication: 16 July 3:59

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